Monday, January 11, 2021

Dem Lean Pollsters At It Again As Quinnipiac Continues Blatant Trump Distortion

After, once again and even worse, the polling debacle from the 2020 general election one would think the left leaning polls, which is most of them would either have finally learned their lesson or showed some degree of restraint with their GOP and Trump polling.

But no, they have no shame in pursuit of their agenda. I wrote the seminal analysis of leftist polling before the election which showed a massive aggregate Dem lean across all polls; 

Massive Dem +7.62% "Trump Approval"Aggregate Polling Bias Exposed"

Among the worst offenders was the highly touted by Nate Silver the Quinnipiac Poll. This outfit consistently showed poor results for Trump and Republicans and their final 2020 polling was disastrous. The polls director still would not to admit to any blatant bias and or incompetence "awaiting the polling industry analysis"

“To highlight just a few examples, the day before the election, Quinnipiac — which was wrong on every occasion that I know of — had Joe Biden up by 5 points in Florida and they were off by 8.4 points, and I won Florida easily, easily," Trump told reporters  “So, they had me losing Florida by a lot, and I ended up winning Florida by a lot.”

Trump also noted that Quinnipiac showed that Biden would win in Ohio when it turned out that Trump had actually won. An Oct. 22 national Quinnipiac Poll had Biden leading Trump by 10 percentage points;"

 And further;

"In South Carolina, Quinnipiac predicted Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison were tied 48 – 48 percent multiple times, but Graham won by approximately 11 percentage points.

Quinnipiac’s prediction for the Maine Senate seat was also off after the organization predicted that incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins would lose to her Democratic challenger Sara Gideon by 12 percentage points. Collins, however, won the race by approximately 8 percentage points."

So, has Quinnipiac NPR/PBS Politico/Morning Consult learned any lessons, have they tried to figure out why the under poll Republican voters? Of course not. Here are the latest Trump Approval "polls" from those pollsters compared to Rasmussen (derided by the MSM but consistently better than the Dem polls.)

Quinnipiac has Trump's approval 15 points below Rasmussen at 33% which has, throughout the media hysteria over "revolution" these past days had Trump between 48% to 51% approval.

It is an absolute now that the Republican lean, or rather the honest polls;  Insider Advantage, Cahaly's Trafalgar Poll both of which were near perfect for the Georgia senate races, and of course Rasmussen are the only polls worth consulting all the others being blatantly partisan, simply partisan or just utterly incompetent.

Monday, January 11
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort)PollResultsSpread
President Trump Job ApprovalQuinnipiacApprove 33, Disapprove 60Disapprove +27
President Trump Job ApprovalRasmussen ReportsApprove 48, Disapprove 51Disapprove +3
Friday, January 8
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort)PollResultsSpread
President Trump Job ApprovalNPR/PBS/MaristApprove 39, Disapprove 58Disapprove +19
President Trump Job ApprovalPolitico/Morning ConsultApprove 38, Disapprove 60Disapprove +22


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