Friday, January 29, 2021

Trump On Covid "Everybody Did The Best They Could." MSM/CNN Slams His Callous Statement (Oh Wait)/"Biden's Touted Dow "Relief Rally" Expires

Former president Donald Trump justified his and his administrations handling of the Covid crisis by stating today;

 "Everybody did the best they could. It’s not about pointing fingers or blame, it’s that this became a political football, right?" Cuomo noted during a press conference. 

"Look, whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home … people died. People died. … By the way, the same people are dying today."

The media, especially CNN and Democratic spokespeople ripped into the former president for his off-hand and callously dismissive attitude to the needless deaths of so many and......

Oh wait, it wasn't Trump it was media and CNN darling Andrew Cuomo-so, that's alright then, carry on.

Gov. Cuomo's coronavirus response, deflections on nursing home deaths in New York:


MSM touted "Biden relief rally" continues on unabated

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