Monday, January 25, 2021

Brevities #14 Liberation Manifesto/Free Your Mind

I have, I am pleased to advise, not only weaned myself off from Fox TV but now their online "blog" as well. Ditto ABCCBSNBC in all their manifestations. 

Your next step might be ditto may I suggest. I have ceased railing (except joyously cynically from time to time) against, well anything, much less the tide, and simply cancel/ignore.

It's liberating! I said before I've not felt this good in years since I canceled Twitter and Facebook- it was not just the idiots but them actually infecting my brain by seeing their stupid comments, I can't believe I actually responded to so many.

But, brighter skies now, as I posted it is actually a wonderful feeling being in opposition as one does not have to see the "Trump is evil" from the MSM 24/7.


That said RCP (Real Clear Politics) is well worth reading as it is one site that is the nearest to old fashioned balanced reporting. Even more so from my POV as they have an excellent formula.

They link to a blatantly stupid article from the left, often the crazy left, then they link below or above it to a reasoned conservative article on the same subject. It's very clever and satisfyingly well done.

I won't deign to view Politico as the Dem slant is ridiculous ditto The Hill where the junior high school basement dwellers slag off at each other in the comments.


Umm.. no they are not, they are another

free speech stifler, they "booted" Smitty so I booted them;

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