Sunday, January 10, 2021

Drama Queen Pelosi Wastes Everyone's Time Except The MSM/Dem's-But......

 Everyone except the most rabid Dem loons knows that VP Pence is not going to have President Trump removed from office. Ditto that whatever resolution they introduce in the House will either never reach the Senate or fail if somehow it does.

That Pence would commit political suicide and that enough Republican senators would support an impeachment to have it pass is just silly.

This is all just a revenge melodrama. That Dems are seriously considering expelling Trump office holders from Congress is simply insanity.

There has been, on the other hand, serious matters that have come to the fore. The leftist corporates that control mass mediums of free speech have become freewheelingly censorious. Woke industries and woke sports associates (the PGA the latest) have pulled their support from Trump and his family business.

When in the middle of a storm it is challenging to see what the landscape will look like when the tempest has abated. In my opinion the left, which includes overwhelmingly the media, have gone too far and when the wheel turns, as it will the payback will be much stronger than it would have been prior to the current power they are abusing.

New social media platforms will rise, new television platforms will arise or current ones like OANN will become major outlets. Twitter and Facebook will simply become leftist echo chambers-there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why any conservative should remain on either-I closed both accounts and commend such action to all.

When the election wheel turns, as it will eventually, the conservative majorities will be such that the conservative reaction will sweep away whatever Biden/Harris put in place. 

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