Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Sign Gov. Palin Will Endorse Dr. Ben Carson? (Or Palin/Carson 2016?)

This Tweet from Governor Palin's shortly to be Son-in-Law Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer may be a significant portent of what may be to come as far as Palin's political future is concerned.

Dakota Meyer

"I have to say after listening to @RealBenCarson speak this morning, I had a sense of hope. He's the first candidate that seems to get it!"

Of course Meyer may be expressing his genuine felt admiration for Dr.Carson as a man of principles and a man whose principles are within the framework of those expressed and portrayed by his Mother-in-Law to be.
On the other hand it would seem somewhat  disingenuous to not consider that any public expression of political interest by Meyer, who is of course now under intense scrutiny by the Palin haters, would entirely
pass by his fiance and subsequently Governor Palin.

But perhaps it has, or perhaps the Palin family see it as an example of the perfect freedom to state his mind that Meyer has-which freedom  does not necessarily mean that all such thoughts reflect the thinking of Sarah herself.

But Palin watchers remember that in the 2012 primaries when Governor Palin voted for Newt Gingrich without formally endorsing him. However her husband Todd Palin did formally endorse Newt which even blind Bob could see might have reflected the thinking of Governor Palin herself. Certainly, shortly after the Todd Palin endorsement a number of Blogs supporting Gingrich sprung up which were run by prominent Palin supporters. 

In the end Sarah Palin endorsed Mitt Romney just before the election with a "anyone but Obama" endorsement which was hardly a massive vote of confidence in Romney.

Is Dakota Meyer's Tweet a wink and a nod to Palin supporters that she will not run and that Dr.Carson may be her endorsement choice? The window of opportunity is closing for Governor Palin in my opinion-the weeks immediately after the wedding of Bristol and Dakota may be the last realistic opportunity for her to mount a credible campaign-certainly once the debates have commenced it would be challenging then to jump in. See "Governor Palin to put supporters (and haters) out of their misery by July?

If Palin chooses not to run, and does endorse Dr. Carson, then that would be a fine choice as far as I am concerned. I have, always, been about "Palin-ism in the Presidency" and if Governor Palin sees Dr. Carson as the best person, besides herself of course, to bring her principles, values and morals to the oval office then he would  have my vote. On the other hand my fondest wish is that Governor Palin herself runs-Palin/Carson anyone? 

That is perhaps yet another possible wink and nod message-we shall see!

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