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The M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 05/12/15

Can Wonkette's Schoenkopf Learn From "Lizzie Borden"

The execrable Wonkette's execrable editor Rebecca Schoenkopf is, it is said, (I would usually say "reliably reported" but that snippet came from Wonkette itself so who knows) 8 months into her pregnancy. A new birth is always a cause for celebration so -congratulations!

On the other hand one has fears for the child being brought up in an environment of a socialist mother and communist grandmother. However, life turns out all sorts of surprises and juvenile rebellion might well take the child into the safer saner shores of conservatism and into the arms of religion.

But that is for the distant future and what is more of interest, in fact fascination, is what Schoenkopf's entry into the real world of PTA, diapers, shots (presuming she has not gone over to the wilder shores of her sister-in-law who, she advised, doesn't believe in them) and mortgages and the myriad of other aspects of, what is to childless socialist feminists an anathema, but to normal people-normality.

The actress Christina Ricci ("The Lizzie Borden Chronicles") had a child at 35 (as opposed to Schoenkopf's frenzied borderline for fertility 40) and had this to say. "It's funny, everything changes when you have a child and you really can't stomach the same stuff" Ricci then goes on to talk of the wonder and challenge of having a family i.e. normality.

What will be interesting then will be to see if reality imposes itself on Schoenkopf's life long radicalism. What will be her attitude to abortion (especially the hideous "partial birth abortion") when she holds the miracle of birth in her arms. What will be her developing attitude to conservative values and conservatives both of which are excoriated in the filthiest language at her current sewer site.

 It would be too much to expect a mea culpa (although there have been cases of such) but a different, more tolerant attitude to the genuinely held values of others might just creep in when her child smiles its first smile-one can only hope. As for Wonkette's writer Kaili Joy Gray, one despairs.

We Get it-Seven States Will Decide The Election. Pundits, Please Just Stop. 

I wrote in an article "Right And Left See GOP Doomed In 2016 Presidential Race – But, So What If True?" at the wonderful 'Bob Belvedere's The Camp of The Saints' that I had set out in December 2014 a full analysis of the 2016 presidential election as regards who might win in the Electoral college (which is of course all that matters).

I noted that this sort of analysis has become since then a sort of standard fodder for pundits to trot out as filler or for their own amusement. I noted that Dylan Byers at Politico, and Allahpundit at Hot Air (from left and right) had dived into this pool and had concluded that the GOP had a hard row to hoe in 2016. Which was of course my conclusion months before presenting basically the same "seven states will decide scenario."

Then the well respected Larry Sabato presented a magnum opus on the subject using a myriad of examples (and of course reaching the same conclusion) based on the same source, the wonderful 270towin  site where you can play for hours making your own maps. I thought the subject must be surely exhausted now-but no.

At American Thinker Richard Baehr does a magnum magnum opus "Breaking the Democrats Electoral College Blue Wall" where the various scenarios are worked over yet again and of course there is no escaping the conclusions that I and the other gentlemen reached. 

I say that with one exception in mind in that Baehr added in the possibility of some states with Republican legislatures changing how their states Electoral College votes are allocated i.e. from winner take all to a proportional allotment. That would mean that instead of e.g. Michigan giving all its vote to the likely Dem winner it would give a percentage to the Republican loser. 

This has merit from a GOP point of view of course but its being enacted, with the subsequent howls of outrage from the left, seems unlikely.

And, that's that surely. The analysis has had its guts twisted and turned and stretched and shortened which if happened to a person would be considered utter torture. Instead we have been tortured by a surfeit of repetitive analysis-please pundits-let it go!

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