Friday, May 15, 2015

The M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 05/15/15; Stephanopoulos Memory-Lib's Spin/Palin's 2016 Genius


The left are  struggling to do a spin job on the news that ABC's George Stephanopolus was revealed to have donated first $50,000 and then shock horror update $75,000 to the Clinton foundation-all of which he "forgot."

He of course has every right to give money to whom he wishes, what is at issue is his not declaring the donations (which were a matter of public record!) Rather it is unconscionable for him to be a moderator of the GOP debates (which role he has now vacated) and to have interviewed Clinton Foundation critic author Peter Schweitzer without first acknowledging his support of Clinton's charity.

Robert Stacy McCain has excoriated the entire leftist journalistic fraternity in a simple, unarguable Tweet;"The Hired Liars of Liberal Media"

That there is no honor even between these characters is shown by this amazing revelation-from Politico itself!

One would think this sorry tale would be impossible  for libs to spin but, undaunted and with the ghost of Alinsky guiding them they are giving it a try. The New York Magazine's

Jonathan Chait writes a column "So What"
but, sadly concludes the article with "* update Stephanopolus now says it was $75,000." I can't imagine anything, no matter how terrible, that a lib could do that 'New York Magazine' and its readership would condemn it.

The diehards at Daily Kos also wonder what the fuss is about (ethics not being their strong suite) and reveal, shock horror, that Donald Trump donated $100k to the Clinton Foundation. That Trump has not set himself up as a supposedly independent journalist able to moderate the GOP's upcoming debates appears to have escaped them-but nobody ever accused "Kossites" of logic.



Here is the latest standing of the possible GOP nominees from 'Real Clear Politics':

As you can see they are, still, all jammed together from 13% down to 0% (Lindsay Graham can only go upwards (possibly) and 1% would be a massive leap for him). The pattern has been that someone announces, or gets some other publicity, and they jump up into the lead or rise in the pack. Then they make a silly statement, flip flop terribly as per latest example Jeb Bush, or something comes out about their past and they get pulled down into the mass whilst another rises-rinse and repeat.

Here's a better idea of this rise and fall weirdness from RCP

What this also means is the public, or at least that portion interested in the race at this early stage, doesn't trust any of the candidates yet (if ever for some). A major polling organization canvassed the public' opinion of the possible candidates and every one of the was below 50% as far as trust was concerned;

"Almost all the Republican candidates—declared or considering—have negative ratings as high or higher than their positive ratings. They’re far less well known than Clinton, and it’s striking that among those who do know them, there are plenty who don’t like what they see.(Dr. Ben Carson, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb were within the margin of error.) Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush had a net rating of negative 7 (29 percent favorable, 36 percent unfavorable). Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz: negative 14. Fellow GOP Senator Marco Rubio of Florida: negative 4. All “upside-down” or “underwater,” in pollster-speak. This is important because in politics, as in life, first impressions can be difficult to overcome."

What this also might mean is that Governor Palin is a political genius. If she is planning to run (after her Daughter Bristol's wedding) then by letting all the hopers and no hopers declare/rise/fall/bunch together the decks will be cleared for her announcement.

Nobody has to "vet" her-the media having done their worst for seven years and she is utterly Teflon coated. If she announces, with nobody else of any name to follow and take the spotlight away her, the announcement will get massive publicity. The leftist haters will mock with "clown car" idiocy but they will railing to themselves as the public has moved on.

Not only that, and ironically, the left has now trotted out their Clinton "sexist" card and will be forced to condemn the haters or be exposed as utter hypocrites. This is, of course, a delicious irony.

If Palin chooses not to run she is also in the genius position of being the one person whose endorsement could make any one of the candidates break out of the bunch. That she can, and has done this, is beyond dispute as Senators Cruz/Fischer/Sasse/Ayotte can testify. Genius!

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