Friday, May 22, 2015

Vanity Fair/Wonkette Now Love Them Some Bristol Palin (But Remain Pigs)

Vanity Fair has been at the forefront of the "Destroy Palin at All Costs" leftist machine from the "legacy" media (and what a sad, sad, end to a historic legacy). Some of their hatchet jobs on Palin, especially when "the fear" gripped the left that she might be a threat to their beloved Obama, are some of the worst excesses of their type.

At the other end, the sewer end, of the spectrum the truly horrendous rag "Wonkette' under the ownership of one Rebecca Schoenkopf (who has an impeccable communist heritage) has rolled in the dirt attacking Palin without sparing her family-especially her daughter Bristol. 

The articles, especially those from Wonkette which are too disturbing, especially pictorially, to be reproduced here, but the "Carol Costello syndrome" a mixture of arrogance, sarcasm, and glee at another's misfortune, would best sum them up.

But, what's this? Vanity Fair runs an article (suspiciously under the heading "Broken Engagements"
"A Toast for Bristol Palin on Her Would-Be Wedding Weekend" 
And a text written by a seeming normal person devoid of snark/hate/political agenda; 
"If her Instagram account is any indication, Bristol Palin seems to have a happy and thriving personal life. Anyone can view adorable pictures of Tripp, photos of shoes, or even the image of her making faux gang signs with her mom. I have no idea if she regrets her engagements, but it seems like she definitely doesn’t regret her decision to be a private person. So after I read her post on Facebook, I found myself agreeing with Sarah Palin for the first time, well, maybe ever. I hope that Bristol gets to celebrate this weekend."

Over at Wonkette the nearest one alleged human,  a nobody named Evan Hurst manages to achieve a human response to a young couples personal difficulties as is possible when down in the sewer; 

" sadface Bristol Palin’s Wedding CANCELED, Let’s Make Up Reasons Why"
In a perfect example of juvenile writing, scatological references, hate for conservatives and Governor Palin in particular Hurst blathers 

"We honestly want Bristol to be happy, instead of out shilling for abstinence for cash or being on terrible awful reality shows. She deserves SOMETHING better than those things, in life, because we care about Bristol and want good things for her."

There follows an exhortation for the self described "nasty vile little snark mob" to do their worst with their filthy hateful comments-and of course they fully comply with the most disgusting inferences imaginable. This is of course all in the aid of clicks as the site shamelessly grifts for "moniiez to pay our rent" with morality and honor so far in the distance as to be invisible.

However, even amongst the debauched, this latest column shows a glimpse of humanity, no matter how slight, and is a total change from the usual utter depravity on the site.

So what can this be put down to? My first instinct is to consider that there has been some degree of female solidarity awakened in the breast of the two sites, but both writers appear to be male. On second thought this could well be a part of the "Hillary is running so we must be able to attack the conservatives with "sexism" so we'd better not give them a counter attack re; the Palin's. The odds would be one hundred to one for the latter case to be the reason against the former.

Further, the left has concluded Palin isn't running so there is little reason to expend any more venom towards her as that would be a waste of space where they could attack some of the declared GOP candidates-the Hillary factor also comes into it.

Thus Vanity Fair and Wonkette get zero credit for appearing to almost have human emotions and common decency. The leopard doesn't change its spots and if Palin did declare Bristol and the entire Palin family would be right back under their mud coated hammers again.

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