Thursday, May 21, 2015

The M. Joseph Sheppard Post Report 05/21/15 Bigamy Legalized/Policewoman Murdered/"Multi-skilled Palin"

After "Same-Sex Marriage" Bigamy To Be Removed From Statute Books

From a website:

"Local news reporting on a guy who married and left three women in different states without divorcing any of them. He could get 5 years or more in prison for bigamy. "

After the probable legalization of same-sex marriage all the arguments that were set out in favor of such arrangements will have equal validity for multiple marriages and in fact multiple same-sex marriages.

This next step will be, absolutely, on the leftist media/Hollywood agenda in pursuit of the plans for the destruction of middle class society so clearly set out in  "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx.

The guy who has three wives is just early in the piece as "bigamy" will be off the criminal code in due course. If he gets five years he could be out well before that as the crime won't be on the statute books. Whether having three wives is punishment enough for him and them is another matter.


In a few days this poor woman will be forgotten by the media as Liquori Tate Benjamin Deen  have been. No Obama adminstration representative will attend her funeral, no Sharpton and others of that ilk will address "Black on White police crime" none will say "white police lives matter" nobody will riot.

No plaques will mark the spots of these three police deaths as they are for
    Michael Brown in Ferguson                           

It's all so terribly sad

An Omaha police officer and a suspect were shot and killed after a confrontation at North 30th Street and Martin Avenue just before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

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  • "Multi-skilled Sarah can save the USA"
  • A short but to the point article which none, surely, can find fault with. (Ha ha of course they can-a pile of Palin deranged idiots appear in the comment section naturally)

Here is the gist:

"Now, who would be more effective as president of the USA during these uneasy times?  Who would be more effective standing up to Putin, ISIS, Iran, oil-rich Saudi Arabia?  Sarah Palin, who as Tina Fey of SNL accidentally but accurately noted, could see Russia from her house?  Sarah Palin, who drilled, drilled, drilled for oil in Alaska, thus paving the way for our economic independence from the murderous, thieving oil cartel?

Or Hillary Rodham Clinton, who became a wealthy cattle futures trader, senator from New York, secretary of state, and highly paid, in demand speaker all on the coattails – and other assets – of her husband?  And other men.  Could she deal with the strongmen of Russia, the Muslim nations, and other nations on her own?  Choose the right people to do so when she can't even use one modern device safely?

Read more:

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