Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Poll; "Who Are The Destroyers of American Society"

As set out at Bob Belvedere's 'The Camp Of the Saints' in:

 "Can American Society Survive Another Republican Presidency?"

the question was posed as to whether civil American Society can hold together if a Republican is elected to the presidency in 2016.
This possible destruction of whatever mores and values there are left after 8 years of the Obama administration is conceived of happening due to the forces of evil and destruction that were unleashed in the 2008 presidential campaign-subsequent to Governor Palin's entry. 

Those forces which, in pursuit of the blind goal of electing Barack Obama used every lie, distorted media coverage and personally directed calumnies imaginable. Those forces were nascent then and will have had eight years to sharpen their collective axes to the point where their taking down of the next Republican president will involve a tragedy of volcanic hate that will make 2008 seem quaint.

It is useful to make the public, as much as possible, aware of what may be coming so there is some chance of combating this scourge. The first thing then is to identify those persons or forces to be most aware of so loins can be girded and the breastplate of honor can be attached.

Here below is a poll which will hopefully serve as a guide to others as the key demonic forces can be recognized by honest men and women and the results widely circulated.

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