Friday, May 22, 2015

Radical Feminist Plan Could See Human Race Extinct In Ten Generations

Radical feminists who see men as utterly hopeless and beyond redemption 'the cause of wars, rape, and all other sorts of violence, paternalism, chauvinism and to many other 'isms" to list here have a simple formula to clear this matter up.

 "Reduce the male population by 90%"

Quite simply just keep a few (lucky or unlucky depending on your point of view and the extraction methods involved) males around-under close watch presumably-for breeding purposes semen still being, sadly for such feminists, still being required and not artificially replaceable.

Unfortunately for this brave new world scenario there is a fly, or rather a beetle, in the ointment. Researchers have discovered that semen, by  itself, is not only not a guarantee of continual 'breeding" but within seven generations of the insects tested saw the control group go completely extinct.

Worse, the eventually extinct group had a mass of females and a small number of males, thus the entire premise of a Radfem paradise would most likely have a brief flowering (and few deflowerings) until it vanished along with other utopias like communism from which it stems.

In the majority male group, 90 males to 10 females, where there was, naturally (in every sense of the word) intense competition for mating: "after seven years males who had competed for females were fitter and more resistant to disease and inbreeding. In contrast, beetles without sexual selection (where females far outnumbered males) became extinct."

This is of course fairly obvious. In the animal kingdom breeding the season sees constant fights between males for the right to mate, often with a group of females and, obviously, the winner of these battles has better genes than the losers. With birds, those males with the better display, or nest building techniques, also win the mating/genetic race to the benefit of the species.

RadFem's will just have to put up with the current male/female situation whilst enjoying the fruits of the male labor saving inventions and noting that for all the wars and rumors of wars the earth's population keeps increasing and is infinitely wealthier/healthier than a century ago. 

Or they might have to revise their proposed ratio's and find some way of introducing a combat element (and agreeable gladiators) to ensure the best of their breeding stocks genes get passed on-it seems a huge amount of trouble.

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