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REDUX:" Terrorist Attack In Texas Leaves Left In Bickering Quandary"

From my article at Bob Belvedere's outstanding site; "THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS"  LINK


With the major radical Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11 being confined to overseas locations, France being a major site, the American left has been able to avoid the issue.
With the attack at Pamela Geller’s Muhammad Art Exhibit event at the Curtis Culwell Center all that has changed.
The Ft. Hood army base attack was glossed over, incredibly, as a “workplace incident," such sophistry is almost too incredible to believe. The failed bomb attempts in Times Square and a Northwest flight attack attempt were hardly noted in leftist circles. Only the Boston terror event was beyond any rationalization by the left being, purely and simply, an act of radical Muslim terror, but it’s scale was, until now, rationalized as a one off.

With the Texas incident the left now has to face the unquestionable fact of radical Muslim terror on American soil as a continuing and most probably, escalating fact. The left has no compass bearing for dealing with this and the factions within the left are showing a severe split.

Radical Muslim actions overseas have been dealt with by being viewed as a reaction to “Zionism, Palestinian grievances, the residue of imperialism, “Arab Spring” liberation from dictatorships and various other blame shifting. The Nigerian Boku Haram tragedy seems to suffer from the “Czechoslovakia” syndrome “A far country of which we know little.” This especially so as The Obama administration and particularly Michelle Obama invested their prestige in “bringing home our girls” which they manifestly failed at doing. This failure, passed by unnoticed by the left, although the Michelle Obama campaign was lauded by radical leftist site “Wonkette” which subsequently stopped visiting the idea.

What makes this domestic terrorism situation so difficult for the American left are a number of factors. Firstly the Obama administration, whose election the left putting a massive amount of energy is deeply tied up with the Muslim situation. President Obama launched his “Arab Spring” concept in Egypt, and the administration is deeply invested in the Muslim world from Iraq to Syria to Afghanistan and of course to Iran.

The left has had to defend administration policies which if they had been implemented by G.W. Bush they would have been apoplectic about. If the Obama administrations troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan end in the collapse of those countries and a takeover by radical the left will own the failure.
A substantial proportion of the American radical left is Jewish, substantial if not in numbers then certainly in vocal ability and media presence in reporters and journalists.

The Israel/Palestinian situation causes a degree of angst on the left but atheist leftist Jews can divorce themselves from the religious aspect and view the situation through a “social justice lens. But with the attacks in France being specifically against Jewish targets outside of the Charlie Hebdo one and Pamela Geller being Jewish even the most atheistic leftist Jews are now confronted with an existentialist situation where their very heritage is under attack and not in some far away place where they have the luxury of armchair pontification in viewing it.

The left in a quandary is perfectly illustrate by the comment section at radical “progressive” site “Daily Kos” where the entire gamut of blame is tossed at Muslims in general, Muslims in particular and especially, Jewish ‘ex-liberal” Pamela Geller.
“AFDI (Geller’s organization)an Israeli supporting front group? ” which question received this reply “Go ahead, blame it on the Jews. “​

The innate dilemma for the left is that they are defending by having to support Obama no matter what, as one commentator put it; “It’s the entire culture – no women’s rights in most of the Muslim world, no gay rights, little to no respect for anyone not of their religion (or no religion… try being an atheist in an Islamic country).”
Free speech, so dear to the left when it is their free speech is vigorously defended: “Pam Geller and Geert Wilders have every right in the world to parade down the streets of Garland with a tattoo of the Prophet on their asses. They should be able to do that without fear of being shot.”

Free speech is a right in this country and it should never be met by violence.
​”But this time it is vigorously attacked​ in the same comment section;”
​”​In much of the Civilized World, P​amela Geller and her ilk, are sent to jail. Or worse, held liable for the risks of their speech.​”​

The left is in utter disarray.They are glum over the massive losses in congress and state and regional elective office since Obama became president “why, why why?”

They face having to support Hillary Clinton whom they did so much to defeat as a “warmonger” in 2008 when they were in the throes of their Obama fantasy. Now they have to face what the conservative Republican and far sighted Jews like Geller warned bout for years. The don't have any answers and are fighting amongst themselves with the same hate they fought Republicans.

Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016. He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste. Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

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