Monday, May 4, 2015

Poll; "Who Should Be Bernie Sanders Running Mate?"

Now that Vermont's Socialist Senator has declared himself a Democratic Party candidate for president the question of his potential running mate comes up. This is a matter of great import as history has shown that a basically unknown unqualified fringe candidate, e.g a Barack Obama, can easily defeat Hillary Clinton so Sanders has every chance of being the nominee.

That being the case the challenge is to find a VP choice that surpasses Obama's pick of Joe Biden-many will find this an impossible task but it has to be undertaken. But to that effect I am running a poll so readers can make their choice, or make their own suggestion. 

On the bright side, and as the poll indicates, there are a plethora of potential candidates all an expression of the diversity, experience and mass appeal so vital to be the potential successor to President Sanders. 

This will be of particular significance to leftists who railed about Governor Palin being a  "heartbeat away from being president with an old man at the head of the ticket" but no doubt all of these potential choices would allay any such fears for them.


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