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M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 05/13/15

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Gone & forgotten by media & the rabble rousers as their deaths didn't suit the agitprop-these two dedicated hero police. No rioters, no visits from activist leaders, no Obama administration top officials visit to mark their passing. No "If I had a son he would look like Liquori Tate" statement from President Obama. It's all too pitiful.
"Huge crowd gathers in DC for a candle light vigil to honor all Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty.Notice the media isn't covering it, (except for Greta van Susteren  was at the memorial and covered it for the full hour"

The Obama coalition from the mad days of 2008 unravels leaving only some elements of the fast dwindling Jewish base (which includes the execrable Wonkette) and the adamantine like Black base.

Even the bizarre "Kossites" Progressives at the mad site 'Daily Kos' are decamping for the wilder shores of their new hero Elizabeth Warren.
A new post there;" "Obama, I luvs ya but ya done lost me...I wipe my ass with your TPP"

Don't forget to cast your vote in the "Poll Who Are The Destroyers of America"

Disastrous poll results for eleven potential GOP presidential candidates-really appalling;

The poll, conducted in partnership with The Tarrance Group and Lake Research Partners, asked likely voters for their opinions on each of 11 announced or likely candidates, including whether the respondents’ impression of each is favorable and whether they would consider voting for each. Voters are evenly split on Hillary Clinton (47 percent favorable, 48 percent unfavorable; 47 percent would consider, 51 percent would not) and strongly negative on presumptive candidate Jeb Bush (35, 48; 36, 60).
Several Republican candidates have nearly evenly split favorability ratings but face large percentages of the electorate who have never heard of them, including Ted Cruz: 26 percent; Scott Walker: 47; Marco Rubio: 26; Rand Paul: 18; Mike Huckabee: 16; Carly Fiorina: 60. Including Bush, every Republican candidate faced more than half of respondents who would not consider voting for him or her. Of that group, only Rubio had more than 40 percent who would consider him. 

That's 60% who would not even consider voting for Jeb Bush!
Why such appalling results;

“These GW Battleground Poll results show that the American electorate's deep, broad and chronic pessimism about jobs and economic security translates into across-the-board hostility toward the 2016 presidential candidates,” As the 2016 presidential campaign gets underway, Americans are searching for a leader who understands the nation’s fundamental economic challenges as the threats to security—both personal financial security and shared, national security—that they are, and who will act with a sense of urgency to address those challenges," 

There are more GOP candidates lining up including,possibly, Kasich, Trump, Santorum and Bolton. I can't imagine any of those making and change to the negative impressions and unknown quantity they represent as found in this poll. Clearly there is only on  person who has the immediate name recognition, the dynamism and proven track record in governance that could shift this negativity amongst the GOP rank and file into a positive whirlwind-and she did it once before in an even more hopeless situation. This time, if Palin ran any financial crash would work in her favor instead of undoing her herculean work.
My new article at the redoubtable Bob Belvedere's 

Washington Post's Richard Cohen Still Debilitated By Palin Hysteria After 7 Years Drives Logic To Her Knees

In an example of "logic" knocked, beaten up and reduced to a quivering heap aged leftist Richard Cohen attacks Sarah Palin who 7 years ago was a VP candidate and has not held any office subsequently. There must be some explanation for the existence of what Kirsten Powers yesterday called a continuation of "2008 Palin hysteria."

This madness has its ostensible basis in the Lefts numbed, then furious beyond comprehension, rage at Palin's 2008 address to  the GOP convention which was seen as threat (which it was) to their hero Obama's previously easy march to the presidency. That mania which included the bizarre site Daily Kos and even more bizarre Andrew Sullivan's campaign that Trig was somehow not her real son.

But for Palin to be continually attacked after seven year shows there is some deep psychological reason hidden in the leftist psyche which rationality cannot penetrate. It has been described as having Jewish and sexual  driving factors which seems entirely rational, as the links will set out persuasively I believe.

What Cohen's particular problem is I can't say, it could of course be either of the foregoing, both, or neither i.e. some as yet unidentified cause for "Palin Obsession Syndrome." However the root cause has manifested itself in a bizarre displacement attack on logic as well as Palin.

After voicing that Rush Limbaugh dared to criticize Michelle Obama for complaining that  a major museum somehow by its very nature made Black children feel "unwelcome" and "alienated" and "there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in this museum."

Of course in what alternate universe does the Whitney Museum set out to make Black, red, yellow brown or any other shade of pigment children "alienated" certainly not in this planet. There is nothing on earth, apart from a lack of education, parental guidance or innate inquisitiveness, to stop any child of whatever race religion or whatever from wandering around a museum. The idea that there is, or was, outside of perhaps the Jim Crow South, any impediment is ludicrous. I grew up in a very poor Jewish family (and there were real anti-Jewish restrictions from WASP social clubs then) but still spent untold days in the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan's West Side which instilled in me a curiosity for the natural world.

Not content with leaving logic gasping for breath Cohen manages to blend his attack on Limbaugh with an attack on a totally innocent bystander-Sarah Palin! How he manages this is quite a display of pretzel bending and long bow shooting.

"This is hardly the first time Michelle Obama has come under attack from white critics who infer -- think about it -- that she has no right being black. Sarah Palin did not like it when Obama celebrated her husband's early success in the 2008 primaries by saying, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." Sarah Palin, as far as I know, did not have a great-great-grandfather who was a slave. It makes a difference."


Let me try and show the absurdity of that sentence by making one of my own based on the same "logic"

"Michelle Obama has no right to attack Richard Cohen (remember this is anti-logic world) because, as far as I know she does not have a great-great-grandfather who was a victim of the Tsar." Incidentally, I can, with this logic, attack Cohen at will as I had a great-great -grandparent who was such a victim (as "as far as I know" so did Cohen.)

So by Cohen's lib anti-Palin residual hysteria logic, the only people who can take issue with someone else's words are people who had some ancient lineage of oppression. That would allow a person of Scot's descent to attack a person of English descent if the former can find a distant ancestor who was booted out in the Highland clearances. Or an Anglo Saxon Englishman, whose long gone ancestor was killed at Hastings by the Norman French, to attack someone of that descent  and etc. redutio ad absurdum.

The sad, tail end of Obama worship has in its dregs the pitiful sting of Palin hysteria with only the adamantine Black community, a few leftist Jews and the original "JournOlist" leftist media pack still clinging on to their forlorn memories of "Hope and Change."

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