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Redux:The Palin Doctrine For The Middle East; Derided Like Churchill, Right Like Churchill

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David French at National Review excoriates the Republican presidential candidates who have fallen, "cowardly" for the Lefts "What would you have done knowing what we know now" "gotcha" questioning. Not least because they are allowing the leftist media to set the agenda rather than hitting back with Liz Cheney's formula l When is the media going to ask BHO and HRC the following: Knowing what we know now, would you still have abandoned Iraq?"

French then gives his own answer; "So, knowing now what we didn’t know then, the answer is a smarter intervention, not the same intervention — an intervention that combines the tactics and lessons of the Surge with the staying power we’ve demonstrated in other volatile hot spots, like Korea."

This is basically the same answer that Secretary of State John Kerry gave, after admitting the disaster in Ramadi when he said, in Korea, that the US is committed for as long as it takes (65 years and counting) to protect the people of Korea from aggression. 

It is  the position that then presidential candidate John McCain took in 2008 when he said under his presidency the USA would stay in Iraq for as long as it took to bring stability. That was of course the right and honorable thing to do after America had destabilized the region.

That Barack Obama was elected, with the aid, apparent and hidden, of the liberal media and Hollywood, at whose feet and to their eternal shame all the subsequent deaths,destruction dislocation and dishonoring of the American war deaths lies as an 'anti-war" candidate has made an unstable situation a one of utter chaos and defeat.

John Hinderaker at "Powerline" sets the basic premise on the Middle East situation which follows on from the Obama administrations actions in abandoning the poor and wretched to their fate.

The “sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq” that Barack Obama and Joe Biden hailed as one of Obama’s “great achievements” in 2014 has regressed into chaos as a result of Obama’s premature withdrawal of American troops. But it isn’t just Iraq.

 Syria is the closest thing to Hell on Earth. Iran is working away on nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Yemen has fallen to Iran’s proxies. Saudi Arabia is looking for nuclear weapons to counter Iran’s. ISIS occupies an area the size of Great Britain. Libya, its dictator having been gratuitously overthrown by feckless Western governments that had no plan for what would follow, is a failed state and terrorist playground.

It seems as though things couldn’t possibly get worse, but they almost certainly will. We are seeing the fruit of a set of policies that were based on the false premise that problems in the Middle East are mostly the fault of the United States. Not only were such policies misbegotten, they have been executed incompetently. The resulting collapse is occurring with sickening speed."

The "progressive" Left has among the "Kossites" at 'Daily Kos', one of the Obama enablers, thrown in the towel on Obama, who is now seen as a "tool of Wall Street from day one and a war hawk at their bidding."

They will, of course fall in behind Hillary Clinton who they worked feverishly to defeat in 2008 because she was "a tool of Wall Street and a war hawk" after flirting with Bernie Sanders for forms sake. The plan to simply abandon the entire Middle East, whilst going into raptures if and when President Obama gets his nuclear deal with Iran. 

Where this leaves Israel in their calculations is a major problem as so many "progressives" are Jewish and conflicted with their leftism and a vague understanding that if Israel falls things may not turnout well, again, for the Jews.

Is there any way to square this circle? As history has taught it is often the most derided, neglected and out of favor voice that is proven right, and turned to when the situation is almost lost-Churchill between the wars being the most notable example. If anyone fits that description today it is Sarah Palin. 

Still derided for advising that Alaska's proximity to Russia gave her and Alaskans a deeper sense of the possible threat as Russia air force planes make repeated incursion into American airspace now. 

Lampooned for saying that if Obama were elected Russia would invade the Ukraine as nervous eyes are cast on the Baltic states after Russia's easy annexation of Ukrainian territory perhaps it is time to listen, seriously and without the leftist media filter, to what this voice in the wilderness had to say about the Middle East now.

On Syria;"In her June 2013 address to the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference, Palin declared her opposition to American involvement in the ongoing Syrian civil war: "Militarily, where is our Commander-in-Chief? We’re talking now more new interventions. I say, until we know what we’re doing, until we have a Commander-in-Chief who knows what he’s doing, well, Chief, in these radical Islamic countries who aren’t even respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, ‘Allah Akbar,’ I say, until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say, let Allah sort it out!"

And on Israel (ibid)l:"In a meeting on September 2, 2008, with leaders of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobby, Palin stated that she would "work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership between U.S. and Israel." Following the meeting, an AIPAC spokesman stated that Palin had "expressed her deep, personal, and lifelong commitment to the safety and well-being of Israel." Palin also stated, in reference to a possible nuclear threat from Iran, that: "Let there be no doubt: I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel."

And Iran:"At this point, the Obama administration’s eagerness to strike a deal with a regime that has armed militants who killed American troops and has sworn to destroy Israel is one of the most dangerous developments of my lifetime,” Palin wrote. “America has to wake up. We swore ‘never again’ would we allow anyone to try to wipe out the Jewish people or commit mass genocide like we saw during World War II, and yet we’re allowing a regime that promises genocide to acquire nukes.”

"Palin also stated, in reference to a possible nuclear threat from Iran, that: "Let there be no doubt: I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel.",
In an interview with ABC News anchor Charles Gibson, Palin stated that she would not "second-guess" Israeli military action against Iran."
Thus the cornerstone of a "Palin Doctrine" on the Middle East appears clear;

1. Unless there is an absolute commitment to victory in the Middle East (the lesson of Vietnam) then America should not get involved.

2. The Security of Israel is paramount, the American commitment to it is unbreakable.

3. Iran must not have nuclear weapon capability. All means to preventing their being acquired, especially by stealth, by any means or by any party are on the table.

4. America must remove any threat to its economy, especially being beholden to any Middle East power or powers, by total energy independence.

It is beyond imagining that if the McCain/Palin ticket were elected in 2008 that the current map of the Middle East which shows ISIS holding vast swathes of territory would exist. 

It is beyond imagining that if the Obama pull out from Iraq had not happened that the utter chaos death and destruction and tragic surrender of territory that American lives paid for would be happening. It is beyond imagining that such an administration would be negotiating with Iran over allowing their nuclear capacity to be developed.

Tens of thousand would not be dead, hundreds of thousands would not be homeless, swarms of desperate "boat people" along with who knows how many hidden radicals, would not be entering Europe. Deride for not knowing what the unknowable "Bush Doctrine" was it is the very forces which defeated the 2008 Republican ticket which history will deride for ignoring the very real "Palin Doctrine."

 In the meantime Israel
has to count down the days till the end of the Obama administration and hope and pray that a conservative government committed to Palin's ideals takes office before it is too late. America too must also watch, wait and pray that the barbarian is not already at the gate. The answers and the deliverer awaits the call-will America avoid the trap of the Clinton enabling liberal media and see their Churchill before it is too late?.

Sarah Palin: "It's unfortunate and potentially frightening knowing that everywhere you look today jihad is on the march – even on American soil. Warnings for potential terrorist attacks on our homeland are now stepped up, and with the arrest of dozens of Americans on terrorism related charges, the message is clear that no place seems safe from jihad.But it’s never too late to do the right thing. That means getting serious about defeating ISIS at the source while remaining ever vigilant at home. As always, our foreign policy must be rooted in the motto Peace Through Strength." 

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