Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Election 2012 Billionaire Obama Versus Palin The Poor Peoples Candidate

 Time magazine's Mark Halperin in prophesizing about the 2012 presidential election writes off Palin, as the MSM would of course, as the probable G.O.P. nominee-Palin and the other non-starters are "saddled with their own mess of flaws and failings that render them for now decidely questionable challengers to Obama". He then goes on to describe how the seeming dweller in/on, simultaneously Washington and Mt.Olympus Obama, despite current difficulties, has the total measure of the 2012 campaign against a series of possible opponents. Halperin dutifully disposes of all and sundry of them whose faults he details in passing.

The overarching aspect, it seems, of Obama's impregnability is the one billion dollar war chest he is accumulating which will be used entirely for the general election. Halperin, although he does admit that Obama no longer "towers as the uber-formidable candidate of 2009"  is nevertheless a possessor of an unclouded crystal ball. Obama it seems, according to the seer Halperin, stands no chance of being primaried.

That Presidents Johnson, Ford and Carter were primaried and went on to either withdraw or eventual defeat in the general election seems not to be the fate of Obama according to the doyen of the MSM Obama fan club. It would however, be wonderfully ironic if there were a challenger to Obama as Jimmy Carter the second and the billion dollar war chest was drained to a large degree.

However, let us assume Obama does have a clear run and elite, moneyed Democratic party  has a billion dollars to throw at the electorate, and the Jacksonian champion of the common man Palin is his opponent. Halperin suggests the G.O.P. candidate would have to take the public financing option at which point they would be so far behind Obama's fat cat Democrats that the race would be over before it began.

The rich man's club which is the DNC is forgetting one thing-Palin’s army. Here is a heart warming comment from a couple who self describe as nobodies in a previous posting of mine.

"Sarah Palin will not accept public financing because my husband and I we are nobody can give her $50 a week. Times that by one million"

God bless them.

Palin has now, nearly three years out from the next election 1.5 million followers on Facebook. When the serious stuff starts it is entirely possible for 5 million "common folk-nobodies" the salt of the earth, to give $20 a week over a thirteen week campaign (which I will most certainly do) 1.3 billion dollars to fight the good fight.

The Billionaire Obama's team would do well to forget their smug surety as the power of millions of little people, who have had enough, makes itself manifest. No sacrifice would be too great to RETURN TO NORMALCY.

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