Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gaucher's Disease & Riley-Day Syndrome Are Jewish Specific Diseases.Palin Derangment Syndrome Could Be Added

On reflection I have mistakenly analyzed the incessant attacks on Palin,who I described as the greatest friend of Israel and the epitome of progressive Jewish thinking, by the Jewish liberal elites on their television shows (as either front persons, commentators or writers) Hollywood, newspapers/press agencies (as either commentators or traditional journalists),"comedians","political advisers" radio commentators, authors, and various non-definables who see taking a cheap shot at Palin as a ticket to notoriety.

Included in this lot of PDS sufferers are various nut cases who pop up on Huffington Post which gives them a column forum to vent their obsessions and which garners clicks for Hufpost from their fellow crazies and the various juveniles who post silly statements.

I viewed this deep antagonism as stemming from a cultural/historical background. The oppression and in some cases genocide which was very much a part of the Jewish immigrants world, especially for those from eastern Europe, certainly is not an aspect of the day to day experience of modern American Jewry but for many the "tales learned at grandparents knees' affects their political outlook.

If not a family history of oppression then in many cases there will be one of the classic immigrants story of struggle and hard times and especially the great depression of the 1930's where the strong bond with the Democratic party was formed. Or so I thought.

All this history seemed to make a reasonable explanation for the strength of feeling against Palin by this particular ethnic/religious group. Certainly much could be put down to partisanship during an election, especially when so many of the media were tied to Obama. However, rather than diminishing it is actually increasing.

The fact that Palin bashing is growing when she has no political office and may not run for any ever proves that the antipathy is in fact a psychosis-Palin Derangement Syndrome or PDS for want of a official term. PDS well describes the hysteria which now sees Palin as a seditionist, pathological liar, pretend mother of a Downs Syndrome child (with not one but two substitutes for photo op's-utter insanity), inciter of violence leading to possible assassination attempts, perjurer, grifter with various other bizarre activities ascribed to her every movement.

There are a number of diseases which are either almost totally specific to Jewish people or are found in Jews in a ratio far exceeding the rest of the population

Familial dysautonomia (Riley-Day Syndrome) is unique to Ashkenazi Jews and is "almost unknown in
other populations". Gaucher's Disease, another Ashkenazi affliction carried by "roughly 1 in every 15" is seen in only 1 in 100 of the general population. It is perfectly logical then to surmise that this group can be afflicted with a psychosis, through a genetic hereditary disposition i.e. PDS, which likewise affects them in similar ratio's. It would be going to far, at this point to state that PDS is, like Riley-Day, almost exclusive to Jews, but it could certainly explain its prevalence amongst that portion with a liberal mindset.

How to explain those Jewish intellectuals who are on the right in politics? It is noted that these Jewish specific diseases are found Ashkenazi Jews, it may be that those who are Sephardic, who are believed to be the true Hebraic Jew's compared to the Ashkenazi whose origins are believed to include peasant Khazar Turk descent, are immune to the PDS psychosis.

It may be that the Sephardic Jew's have a higher intellectual and cultural heritage. The Sephardic Jews, having lived in the relative peace and security of the Middle East, do not have the "oppression heritage trigger" that eastern European/German Jewry have inherited.

Whilst none of this exonerates the level of bile, lies and distortion which have been levelled at Palin it does help the wider public perhaps understand its source for the first time. Hopefully it will allow for reflection and introspection on the part of the perpetrators who can seek help and experience the joy of healing from the many professionals in the mental health field who are equipped to deal with sickness of the mind.

N.B. No anti-Semitic/racist attacks please. This blog is "in the family" I had my Bar Mitzvah in The Actors Synagogue in New York City, my great grandparents were the poorest of the poor Russian (Litvak's) immigrants.

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