Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anti-Palin Attacks Reaching Unprecedented Heights-Why If She Is Not A Threat?

The level of attacks from the MSM/Blogs/Commentators/Television pundits against Palin is approaching Tsunami levels-even Doonesbury has resumed his cartoon attack.

It is all very puzzling. If, as the meme runs, she is dumb, not running for president, only in it for the money then why bother? Not only are the MSM reaching fever pitch but the vitriolic bloggers are getting beyond themselves-this one must spend every waking minute chronicling every breath Palin takes-PDS in extremis. The blog commentators are a mix of juveniles and madmen and madwomen (the women are the worst I have seen)

A good measure of how things stand is the Addictomatic site which runs a continuous update of media/blogs about Palin. There is usually a sort of balance say 55% against and 45% for, but that is getting more skewed day by day. As of this writing she was, amongst numerous other things -many at the same time- a perjurer, hypocrite, money grubber ("dumb" seems to fading into the background as even her detractors admit that one can't be too dumb and make twelve million a year).

There is no single reason for this mania but there are five main causes.

The liberal elite (and in some cases conservative elite) just hate her for not meeting their standards. Even if they believe she isn't running for president they just can't let it go.

The Jewish media personalities, from the left (including the gag writers for non-Jewish late night talk show comedians) see her as embodying everything they were raised to hate on a gut level (the Jewish right is highly supportive but has a low profile in the national consciousness). This applies to Actors as well who know they can get cheap publicity with an attack on Palin.

Huffington Post, to attract clicks, gives prominence to anti-Palin bloggers from Alaska who would otherwise be nonentities, who are making a living out of spewing Palin hatred continuously.They also give prominence to bloggers on the make who see a quick route to a book, or making a name for themselves, by feeding the anti-Palin frenzy on the left.

The Democratic party sees her as a threat, at the very least by her endorsements hurting their vulnerable candidates, and are doing everything they can to neutralize her.

Liberal media, especially ones in financial/ratings trouble see a Palin hit job as route to sales/viewers.

That Palin can shrug all this off and battle on whilst attracting crowds of 16,000 enthusiastic supporters is a tribute to the most remarkable individual that masses of plain folks from middle America has brought to prominence.

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