Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Palin's Sake McCain Must Win And Win With Conservatives Support

Conservatives, Tea Party supporters and Republicans of all stripes must get behind John McCain's Arizona re-selection and then election campaigns for the Senate. Whatever the personal attitude to him, and after all he is a Republican and former standard bearer, it is Palin's reputation that is very much at stake.

Obama can campaign disastrously for one loser after another in Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts (loser number two coming up in the Bay State) and gets a pass from the media. It is, in every case, all the fault of the candidate and nothing to do with Obama.

Palin has no such luxury as she is judged by the left wing media by a totally different, biased and unfair standard. Let her endorsement of a Conservative Party candidate in New York bring that candidate a massive lift in the polls, a flood of financial support and foot soldiers working round the clock. Let that candidate lose narrowly in the most extraordinary circumstances where one opposition candidate endorses her rival and it is all Palin's fault.

A Palin endorsement is a "kiss of death" runs the leftist meme across the blogosphere (conveniently forgetting the Saxby Chambliss endorsement in Georgia which helped lift his run-off margin substantially). This plan of attack got knocked back by the massive victory of the Palin endorsed candidacy of Perry in Texas in the Governor's primary race (against a candidate who had substantial high profile endorsements) but Palin got little if any credit-just as would happen in Arizona if McCain wins

Palin has put a lot on the line in Arizona, she has shown her loyalty and integrity matters more to her than the short term possible gain of endorsing McCain's far right opponent which endorsement which brought her considerable criticism from that wing of the party. If McCain should lose then that criticism would be substantial and the kiss of death meme would crescendo across the MSM.

If conservatives truly value their principles as embodied by Sarah Palin they must stand up for them and her by voting for McCain-too much is a stake not to. McCain’s career is drawing to a close even if he wins another term-whether hers continues might possibly be determined by those of her supporters who by voting for McCain are in fact voting for her

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