Monday, April 5, 2010

Radical Leftist Atheist Website Defends Palin's Resignation as Alaska's Governor.

I found, on of all places, a radical leftist atheist (don't ask-the things I do for truth justice and the American way) website a radical leftist Alaskan defending, or rather exculpating (in his own backhanded way of course) why Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska.

This was in response to another, similarly radical leftist who was attacking Palin for the resignation in a typically snarky, oh so clever way. I can only imagine, since he was no fan of Palin’s, that he defended her resignation to show off how clever he was and his local knowledge.

Whatever the reason he has provided, because it came from the far left, a perfect rebuttal to those who bring up the "quitter" charge so use it gleefully and often !

Here it is, enjoy.


So, your answer is that it's better to cut and run and leave your state in the lurch when you're under investigation for doing unethical and borderline illegal activities than to stick around and defend yourself (since you think you have nothing to hide, right?).

#254Posted by: broboxley OT

March 12, 2010 10:00 AM


@carlie #253 I am going to assume that you are not from Alaska when you made that statement.

Alaska is a fun place where for merely pennies you can lodge complaint after complaint against a state politician and the state government is obligated to spend a pile investigating the complaints with political malice aforethought as the agency is made up of folks on both sides of the aisle.

After a complaint is made the opposition goes baying for blood. The incumbent lawyers up and attacks back. Lots of misery for any incumbent and Sarah saw a way out and a big payday.

Most of the complaints were sponsored by a Palin hater and neighbor. Most were unfounded but there is no consequences for a complainant in Alaska. That’s why they refile on something else often trivial and the game starts anew.

Odd I know but the winters are long and people get bored.

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