Saturday, April 24, 2010

"We'll Get Creamed" These Midterms But That Just Proves How Fantastic We Dem's Are Doing (Virtue Out Of Necessity Alert)

Talk about making a silk purse out of a sows ear or a virtue out of raw necessity (or perhaps life in an alternative universe where losing is winning) Peter Beinert at The Daily Beast advises that "The midterms don't matter" even though the Democrats are going to get, variously, creamed and throttled.

The reason for this upcoming hiding is, according to Beinert, not that the Obama administrations policy "successes" which he details as the stimulus and health care bills, are unpopular which they indisputably are, but simply because the Democrats are the party in charge and now "own" the disastrous economy.

No, the Democrat's are wildly unpopular and are going to get a hiding because, inter alia, they own the economy which they predicted would see unemployment peak around 8%, have rammed through in a most blatantly political manner legislation the country doesn't want, and have governed with a toxic mixture of hubris and arrogance

But apparently none of this matters, the upcoming major loss of seats and possible loss of at least the House. It doesn't matter that the wishes of the electorate are ignored, that a record for vote buying, and increase in deficits has been set, continuing unemployment, home repossessions at disastrous levels and enemies aboard mollycoddled whilst friends abroad are embarrassed.

All of the foregoing, the loss of seats, the barrenness of the Democrats legislative agenda for the remaining two years of the Obama administration, all will have been worth it having gained the "greatest run of policy successes in my lifetime".

Mr.Beinart looks to the November results coming in with equanimity as he will bask in the Obama administrations achievements. It will quite possibly be a pyrrhic victory if the Republican swing is so large that the so called successes (one of which Biden called a BFD) can be reversed or substantially modified-and even that may not be necessary if the Supreme Court rules that the compulsory aspect of the health care legislation is unconstitutional.

The republic has withstood many things and recovered, fortunately the Obama administration, which will have only lasted two years before it was neutered, was not able to do irreversible damage and this too will be recovered from. In fact, given the hoped for Republican majorities which can ameliorate much of the political damage the more lasting effects will have been on the psyche of the nation which only a "return to normalcy" of a traditional Republican presidency can heal.

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