Monday, April 19, 2010

As I Warned-"Palin Trial" Distorted Headlines Start-Alinsky Tactics Underway

As I forewarned would happen the left media is using the Alinsky tactic of distorted headlines in relation to the upcoming Kernell ( "A bit of a hero") hacker trial. Using quotation marks around "Palin trial" doesn't take away from the blatant attempt to imply that somehow Palin is the one on trial-it is the Goebbels’s "big lie" tactic of repeating something over and over until it seems to have a degree of truth and then becomes, in a warped way, the truth.

Note the comment '"Fair Trial For David Kernell? HA! Not With Sarah Palin There". Even if it is grudgingly acknowledged that Palin is not the one on trial she is pilloried just for being there-of course the only reason that she will be there is because she was subpoenaed by Kernell's defense lawyer. But he won't get a fair trial because the jury will be "dazzled" by Palin's presence when she "takes the stand".

This article is just one of a number which will increase in size, distortion and outright lies as they use the trial to attack Palin. If the right lets this happen then they are letting Palin down-they must be vigilant and keep up a crescendo of rebuttal till the left media/bloggers give up and slink away.

The right is on trial too-there's is a trial of strength, they must not fail because if they do they will show weakness which will be triply exploited in the white hot heat of the 2012 election.

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