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Conspiracy? Exposing The Left/MSM's Palin Scheme To Split The G.O.P. & Re-elect Obama

The fact of Obama's continuous slide in the poll's and the lame duck presidency that may eventuate after November has, out of seeming nowhere, seen the emergence of a new meme emanating from the MSM/left establishment. This is an attempt to create a split, real or imagined, in Republican ranks which would be the only sure guarantor of Obama's re-election. It is not a "conspiracy" because it is so blatant, and the follow on steps so obvious, that it smacks of amateurish panic. Nevertheless it should be examined and stopped.

A new Harris poll goes to extraordinary lengths to pump up the Tea Party as a viable political party vehicle for Sarah Palin for the 2012 presidential elections. In pursuit of this goal and to give the concept purported credibility they have brought out of a 20 year hiatus the octogenarian founder of the Harris poll Lou Harris himself whose "insights are razor sharp".

After castigating the punditry and political experts who are seemingly obsessed with wrongly showing Obama as facing his "political demise" for getting the big picture wrong, he then proceeds to show all and sundry what they should have been doing i.e. comparing Obama's possibility of re-election vs. the leading opposition candidates.

His poll (which is an online one so suspicious) shows Obama comfortably ahead of Romney and hugely ahead of Palin. But that's not enough for the self described "old codger". Where the establishment (which apparently does not include The Harris Poll) has further gone wrong is not to include a Tea Party candidate in looking to the 2012 presidential election.

This third party ,which he castigates for their "bad behaviour" against "Some Democrats" without advising what that behaviour constituted, nor what percentage of Tea Party supporters engage in this purported activity nor, as Jon Stewart did, contrast the captured on film bad behaviour of Democrats against Tea Partiers, is not a threat to Obama but "a force that could drive as political dagger through the heart of the Republican Party".

Now who does he set out as the presidential candidate for the Tea Party-why Sarah Palin of course.
He must have been taking a nap during her major address to the Tea Party convention where she stated, in the clearest possible terms that the Tea Party supporters should under no circumstances look for a leader, they should not run as a third party and they should work with the Republican Party. She then advised the Republican Party that it is very much in their best interest to work with the Tea Party supporters.

For what it is worth the poll result had Obama at 45%, Romney as the supposed Republican candidate at 24% and Palin the somehow Tea Party candidate at 18% with 13% not sure. The odd thing with this result is that when Obama is set against Romney in a one on one battle the result is Obama 46% and Romney 39% with 15% not sure. Thus the left right split is a 45% to 42% with the Tea Party included.

Following on from this poll analysis Harris does a "Critique of Tea Party supporters" and here we find that racism runs rampant. Apparently the Tea Party sentiment had its foundation in the anti-Washington feeling that preceded the 2008 election, but the nascent Tea Partiers found themselves upset by the fact that they had helped elect a black man (presumably they did not notice his color at the time).

The Tea Party supporters polled are all Palin supporters (Ron Paul or anyone else doesn't get a look in which is absurd) and because over three quarters are negative about Obama "it would be a vast mistake not to conclude that many (how many ?) of the Tea Party supporters are anything but hostile to the notion that a black, no matter how qualified, should ever serve as president"

This is a ridiculous, unsupported statement which he then goes on to find supposed support for from the "stream of racial epithets that emanated from the thousands (how many from the thousands, if this did actually happen?) of Tea Party supporters as they greeted civil rights legend John L. Lewis". He then goes on to make the unbelievable statement that this "seem to confirm that potential Tea Party voters are loaded with anti-black sentiment" Or perhaps it is like the Emanuel Cleaver "spitting" incident which now seems to have never happened?

Harris concludes by showing that the majority of Tea Party supporters come from the South  (wink wink) compared to the general population (not by much however 36% to 33%) but then does a complete switch from the negative about them (characterised as "Wingnuts and President Obama" elsewhere in the Harris website) to how well they could do running a candidate for president in 2012.

Apparently the Tea Party is "well set up to succeed" (in what-splitting the Republican vote?) with their possible highly charismatic leader and candidate Sarah Palin. Harris must know this is a phantom candidacy.If that is the case then the whole purpose of this exercise is to promote the concept to cause, in the public's mind, the image of the Republican's as a split, weakened force going forward compared to the stability of the Democrats and salvage Obama's re-election chances. By amazing co-incidence this Palin as third party candidate for 2012 surfaced on CBS a few days later.

CBS's Early Show made the following ridiculous unfounded and purely speculative statement (whilst noting she was campaigning for Republican McCain). "It seems that if Palin ran for President it is increasingly clear that it wouldn’t be for one of the big traditional parties" Increasingly clear to whom and based on what statement she has made recently?

They then brought in an commentator from the increasingly blatantly shrill leftist blog Politico who opined that Palin is trying to distance herself from the "Toxic Republican brand-and who wouldn't?" I would have thought  the Democratic brand was the increasingly toxic one at the moment-CBS's own poll has Obama at the lowest yet at 44%. He then went on to describe her as a "Potential Tea Party candidate for  2012".

Harris-CBS-Politico all promoting the Palin as Tea Party candidate for 2012 based on pure invention, speculation and a desperate attempt to right a sinking ship. It is all so sad and obvious and doomed to failure-it would be very interesting to learn where the Early Show's Palin third Party concept originated from. The secondary theme of the Tea Party supporters, and thus Palin by inference as purported leader, as racists is not only despicable but also doomed to failure. Palin, by her marriage is bullet-proof to charges of racism and her visible warmth to the black schoolchildren on her new Real American Stories  show was apparent to all.

Update: Former VP Dan Quayle gives due credit to Palin for her outstanding role in recognising the potential of the Tea Party activists and for her reaching out to them.He too argues against the Tea Party as a third party force-being acutely aware of what the Perot third party run cost the G.O.P. in 1992 which result he doesn't want to see repeated in 2012.

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