Thursday, April 15, 2010

Upcoming Leftist Alinsky Tactics "Palin In Criminal Court" Misleading Headlines

Here are the simple facts. The person who allegedly hacked into then VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account and published the contents on the web is going to trial shortly. The defense has subpoenaed Palin, why I can't imagine, as she is the aggrieved party. Perhaps they figure some in the jury are so anti-Palin that her presence might lead them to find the defendant not guilty.

Those are the facts, however the political reality is somewhat different. The left bloggers/MSM will use the occasion to create Alinsky style guerrilla tactics to try and turn this trial against Palin. Those members of the public who either do not recall what happened or have forgotten it will see headlines like "Palin in criminal court" "Palin in the dock" ( the Alaskan idiots have run with this one weeks ago) "Palin testifies in criminal trial" and variations on the theme.

They will also try and drum up sympathy for a young "over enthusiastic" student who is the victim of vindictive, spiteful moneyed Palin. In fact, according to the MSM (Harper's) what he did  was no big deal, a misdemeanor at worst, and in fact his actions exposed Palin's illegal use of her email account (she should be the one on trial has also been trotted out as has Nixon/Watergate & Bush/Cheney wiretapping).

The other theme they have already run with is that in reality it is all Palin's fault for not taking the proper security steps in setting up her email account. This is a wonderful  reasoning and Madoff  should have thought of it at his trial-all the investors were the ones who should  be on trial for not having secure information about him before they invested their life savings with him.

They will also call Palin a hypocrite "If she really was true to her so called Christian faith she would forgive the young man" (this was underway weeks ago on leftist blogs) without letting on that it was Holder the AG via the DOJ, not Palin, who couldn't stop the trial if she wanted to, who brought this case to trial.

If found guilty this guy, who could have changed the course of history if there had been any negative or derogatory items in Palin’s emails, deserves the strongest punishment as a warning to others and deserves no sympathy. It is also important for Palin supporters to be vigilant whenever and wherever these misleading, lying, distorted headlines and blog comments arise and blast right back at them.

Alinsky tactics may work on lesser mortals but Palin and her supporters are not going to roll over-the left will see they are in a battle with an opposition who gives as good as they get in the face of a mendacious left.

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