Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Palin/Condoleezza 2012 A Ticket For The Ages

Sarah Palin for President teamed with Condoleeza Rice for Vice President would be a seminal, once in a generation-if not a century-pairing for the G.O.P. I hesitate to define this team as a Republican party ticket as it transcends party labels in so many ways. So much so, that party designation, although obviously a necessity, interferes with the otherwise unimpeded visibility of the majestic transcendence of the nation transforming, actually nation fulfilling, power it represents.

Rice, as a former and highly respected Secretary of State would add vast experience in foreign affairs, and her substantial business background and academic achievements would bring gravitas and respect. Rice retained, throughout the contentious Bush years, the goodwill of the public and a non-rancorous relationship with both the opposition and in general, the media. She has the common touch and projects a winning air of good humor, warmth and humanity.

These are excellent qualities and on those alone the Republican party could choose no better with the nation being well served. But above and beyond these sterling attributes Rice would bring, in her very person, the ability to change America for the good and forever.

The Palin/Rice ticket would have every possibility of sweeping the South via a coalition of conservative  whites and a percentage of blacks disenchanted with Obama who might not normally vote for the G.O.P. For the South to help a elect a black to the second highest office in the land would put the final seal on the end of the long history of racial divisiveness. This, following on from Obama's 2008 election would set a template for all levels of society.

With Rice on the ticket all attempts at creating at racially charged atmosphere, as is currently being attempted, Alinsky style, in some quarters on the left against Tea Party supporters (and by inference Palin) would be circumvented. There is no doubt the 2012 campaign would be highly charged and the inclusion of Rice would be of outstanding benefit to the nation as it would allow for a reasoned discussion of issues unclouded by heated emotion.

Having two women as standard bearers would give the 51% majority section of the population a once in lifetime opportunity to have the female viewpoint and qualities represented at the highest level of government by women of outstanding qualities and achievements. This too would put a final, positive seal on an historic process which only became a possibility as recently as 1920. For the G.O.P. the ticket might mirror the result of the 1920 election, where women had the full vote for the first time and the result was a Republican landslide.

Palin, as America’s first female President would mark social progress towards gender equality. She would also be the embodiment of the Jefferson/Jackson tradition of the interests of common man as all important. Rice as the first black female VP would heal America's social wounds. A new, exciting country able to face a future of unlimited possibilities will have been born.

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