Thursday, April 29, 2010

The " Give Palin Derangement Syndrome A Clinical Name" Contest

To summarize, it was determined that Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS for short) is indeed a genuine medical affliction. It seems to affect a section of an ethnicity, and amongst that section the liberal elite, with more force than the general population.

This ethnicity is subject to a number of illnesses specific to it, apparently a genetic inheritance, and many are named after the clinicians who first identified one of the diseases e.g. "Riley-Day Syndrome" for Familial dysautonomia, and "Tay-Sachs disease" which are just two examples amongst many.

Palin Derangement Syndrome is an hysterical disease of the mind with odd symptoms like "tingles of the leg". Suggested cures e.g. a sharp dose of reality, a cold shower, seeing the light, not associating with delusional people, have so far had little effect-probably because the sufferers do not recognise they have the disease and have not undertaken a course of therapy.

Giving the disease a clinical name might however be a first step in the curative process, if sufferers see they are actually in the grip of a clinically described illness they might undertake to seek help. In that light it seems only right to give PDS a clinical name.

Here are a few suggestions (choosing one of them  would be OK), noting that the names can be from any ethnicity as long as they are associated with the delusion;


I'll leave it to the readers to make their suggestions-the winner wins immortality of course so don't miss your chance!

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