Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thesauras The Only Guide To Democratic Party Palin Derangement Syndrome

I have tried to understand and rationalize the lefts mad (see there I go struggling with the best word to use) obsession with every word, action, look, that emanates from Sarah Palin.

It is of course not only those personality attributes but it extends to her clothing, hair, family, lifestyle, income, tone of voice, education and-bizarrely to the ultimate level, what kind of drinking straw she uses (Margaret Carlson has done a mad analysis of the demographics of bendable drinking straw use-such is the gibbering wreck that PDS reduces seemingly intelligent people to).

One of the major problems in addressing PDS is finding the right word to describe a particular article or author or MSM commentators Palin obsession du jour. To assist those who chronicle this madness, which is approaching South Sea Bubble levels I have decided that any individuals grasp of the English language will not suffice given the hydra headed nature of the mass delusion.

Our friend the thesaurus is the only solution. Below is the listed options to "deranged". It now becomes a simple cut and paste job for the serious PDS examiner, but of course it would be a matter of individual judgement. Some might consider e.g. a typical Daily Kos PDS comment as "berserk" whereas another might consider, given the age of the average Kos commentator "bananas" might do the trick. For the likes of Andrew Sullivan perhaps a multiplicity of adjectives from the list is called for. Whatever ones choice I do trust this handy list will save some time and head scratching.

Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: crazy, insane

Synonyms: ape, baked, bananas, berserk, cracked, crazed, delirious, demented, disarranged, disconcerted, disordered, displaced, distracted, dotty, flipped, flipped out, frantic, frenzied, fried, irrational, loco, lunatic, mad, maddened, maniac, maniacal, nuts, perplexed, schizzo, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unscrewed, unsettled, unsound, unzipped, whacko

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