Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Palin Should Ignore Polls/MSM/Bloggers-Enjoy Fun/Money/Leftists Madness

Rather than subsiding the Palin PDS just grows and grows endlessly. Just when you think that there can be no more ridiculous, spurious, petty, mad comments about everything and anything to do with Sarah Palin-now there is an "expose" about what sort of drinking straw (lampooned by Tammy Bruce here) she requests- shock/horror-the attacks continue.

Anything Palin says or does is endlessly pontificated on and each pontificating gets piles of foaming at the mouth, blathering, endlessly spiteful, childish, false, idiotic responses. The main theme, once you get passed the attacks on Palin's children, features, voice, “sarcasm", intelligence (lack of of course) is now that she is only in it for the money and has no chance of ever being elected to anything-much less the presidency.

Which begs the question-why, if she will never be elected to anything, does any article about her result in a massive outpouring of hate, bile and idiocy ? Clearly there is something about Palin which drives the left mad, they lose all rationality and resort to childish name calling. The great thing is that Palin understands this and seems to be taking great delight in her recent speeches in slipping in little digs-the best of course was the "hopey, changey, thing" which made leftists head rotate.

Clearly they don't know how to deal with her-they have tried everything and she only gets stronger and has developed not only a thick skin but a wicked sense of humor. What the left doesn't realize, or if they do they are so blinded with hate they can't think rationally, is that they are wasting time, effort and money on someone who will not defeat their candidates this November rather than concentrating on the local races. Long may it happen as there is no cure for PDS which is one of the best stealth weapons the G.O.P. has ever come up with.

As for Palin and her supposed $12 million income-good for her (although the left now says she has betrayed her former fellow hockey moms). The left says she got that for doing nothing but that is far from reality. She earned every cent by blasting through an endless pile of slime which would have destroyed lesser mortals.

She is clearly having fun now too-she looked relaxed and great at the SRLC and her speech was full of power. Let the polls show she has declining support, let the pundits count her out, they all forget what she said when she resigned as Governor. She was going to campaign for like minded candidates and if things didn't work out for her personally so be it.

There is a long way to go till 2012 and her polls ( which I used to worry about but have ceased to) could turn on a dime but if they do not-well what a great ride it has been for her and for her fans. In the meantime, I for one will continue to be inspired and delighted by Sarah Palin not least for the effect she has on the left.

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