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Complete Humiliation Of Politico's Roger Simon And Beltway "Elite" By Trump And Palin

First there's this loser which typifies the arrogant media who just won't let go of their preconceptions right till the last moment; THE WEEK
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Iowa is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

Iowa: Ted Cruz first, Marco Rubio second, and Donald Trump third.
There have been countless Beltway pundits who have come crashing to earth with the elitist denigration of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin-just a few (23 actually) with their arrogant comments are HERE

But the ones who stand about above all are the "analysts" like Philip Bump, Dana Milbank, of The 'Washington Post' and Nate Silver and Harry Enten of  'FiveThirtyEight' and Charlie Cook ('Cook Report')
This crew have purveyed charts and graphs and lines and squiggles circles and squares which have one message in common. "Trump can't win."

They've advised Trump has a 1% chance, We've seen this scenario before with "Cain, Gingrich who briefly led then collapsed in the polls" "Trump's ceiling is 10% or 15% or 20% or 25% or 30%" Trump has "stalled, is in decline has hit his ceiling. lost momentum "the trend is your friend."

So many memories! The meme's carried on when even Blind Bob could see that Trump was ascending. "Carson will pass him, Cruz will pass him, When the field thins Trump will go down." "Trump crowds are only attending for the entertainment (people standing freezing cold for hours for entertainment is a novel concept). "Trump supporters haven't' caucused before and are not likely to show up"
My favorite, well one of them there are so many, was "Trump won't even win one state."

What is the most delightful thing to reflect on is that all these pundits have been beaten by a housewife from rural Alaska-it is really amusing, and by a sharp New York City tycoon who has run rings around them and their whole clique and cabal!

If these gentlemen were actually productively employed,say they worked for Trump, and produced failure after failure the message to them would be clear "Your fired." Unfortunately they will blithely carry on tossing red meat to their clearly blank minded audience as if nothing they said previously ever took place. Oh, except for Milbank who ever so cleverly announced he would eat his column if Trump were the nominee. I hope he is marinating it in Tabasco-enjoy!

Charles C.W. Cooke continues a long unhappy line of Englishmen who deep down don't understand the American political system and psyche. His elitism to Trump and Palin knows no bounds and perhaps he might think of taking a sober look at his prejudices-but alas in fear it is a quixotic thought. On the other hand hopefully he will follow his predecessor back to Blighty.

There's J D Rucker at Redstate

Donald Trump is Setting Up Fox News to be the Scapegoat for an ‘Unfair’ Iowa Loss We are about to witness bankruptcy #5 for a Trump-related entity. This time, he’s filing a strategic bankruptcy on behalf of his campaign to establish protection against the blow back from his upcoming loss in Iowa

At The Washington Post
Here's more of Philip Bump's graph's and charts and maybe this and maybe that and perhaps Trump's supporters won't turn out
Maxwell Tani at Business Insider

Fascinating variable shows how Donald Trump's lead over Ted Cruz could melt away in Iowa

Then there's the king of elitism David Brooks;

"David Brooks: "It's Going To Be Rubio! I'm Telling You It's Going To Be Rubio!"

Hate witch Kathleen Parker who has a weird obsession with Palin looks an utter fool (or even more foolish) now;

Trump is listening hard and trying figure out what this strange creature from Alaska is talking about. Trying to gauge damage. Oh dear."

For pure Palin hate the Macbeth witches cauldron biggest losers from the distaff side are Gail Collins
Peggy Noonan Robin Abcarian Maureen Dowd Joan Walsh Kaili Joy Gray and of course Rebecca Schoenkopf

But for pure snide vindictiveness Politico's Roger Simon takes the cake and his fall is all the more delightful for it.

After Governor Palin addressed CPAC a whole rat pack of elitist snobs led by Politico's Roger Simon not only wrote her obituary but they planted her coffin 20 feet down.

"The GOP angel of death." "In any case, she has now gone from a hopeless candidate to a laughably hopeless candidate. The media will never take her seriously again. The Grim Reaper has done its job

Simon declared ex-cathedra and that was supposed to be that. The only possible reduction in Simon's humiliation by a housewife from rural Alaska is that he is not alone a whole stable of Beltway elitists have come tumbling down with him as they cascade into the dustbin of history.

Politico under Simon's control the "brightest and the best" scenario, has run an endless campaign of denigration against Palin. How could this backwater woman possibly compete against the Establishment elite?

Not only has Simon and his ilk utterly misjudged Donald Trump, another humiliation for them, but a simple reading of Palin's history of being underestimated and then pulling off a "surprise" win would have been obvious. But so enveloped in their smug cocoons the blindingly obvious escaped them.

Palin has continued to populate Congress with candidates she endorses, 21 of 23 such were elected in the 2014 mid-terms including some who owe their primary campaign wins to her. She was the driving force behind the Tea Party triumphs of 2012 and has, obviously, been working with Donald Trump for some time to assist with his presidential run.

Only a fool would deny that Palin's endorsement of Trump in Iowa had an immediate effect on his come from behind poll numbers. The movement of women and Tea Party supporters in Iowa was dramatic and outlined even by the leftist media

Nicolle Wallace in The New York Times summed it up in one sentence "(Donald Trump)  Should he come out on top in Iowa, he has her to thank.

If Palin had endorsed Ted Cruz, whose career she made possible in the first place. he would have won Iowa and would be the nominee. She didn't, she endorsed Trump and he will now be the nominee and very possibly president. Simon's screed and pompous dismissal is the smallest footnote in history. Palin's role in the elections of 2012/2104/2016 are for the history books and 'serious journalists in which which Roger Simon is not included.

Here's proof from, of all people, Morning Joe;

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