Taken Feb 21--Feb 22 of 1750 respondents.

“He’s fading,” said Cal Jillson, professor of political science at Southern Methodist University, of Ted Cruz’s candidacy. “Trump has proven to be stronger and more resilient than anyone expected.”

Marco Rubio is a distant third in the WFAA Texas TEGNA poll with 17 percent, John Kasich has 6 percent, Ben Carson has 5 percent and another 5 percent of respondents remain undecided, the poll revealed.

Landslide in New Jersey Trump by 27

New Alabama Poll;

With the so-called “SEC primary” quickly approaching, Donald Trump has a 17-point lead over his closest rival in Alabama, according to a new poll.

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Master Image, a Birmingham-based Republican consulting firm, released a poll Wednesday showing Trump with 36 percent, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio 
 at 19 percent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz 
 at 12 percent, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 8 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 7 percent. Seventeen percent of those polled are still undecided.

On Tuesday, a slew of states will go to the polls, including in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia. Trump is leading in many of these states; the day is also especially important to candidates like Cruz, whose strategy has long included winning a lot of delegates in the South.
“Trump’s popularity in Alabama continues the trend we see elsewhere,” said Joe Sanders, the president of Master Image. “Trump’s numbers in Alabama appear to be a few points lower than other southern states, but in line with what should happen on March 1, considering almost one in five voters remain undecided.”

New Georgia Poll Landmark Communications/Rosetta Stone polls 
mirrors yesterday's Georgia poll

Georgia Republican Presidential PrimaryFOX 5 AtlantaTrump 34, Cruz 20, Rubio 22, Carson 8, Kasich 9
A separate poll of 500 likely Republican voters has Donald Trump solidly in first place with 31.7 percent support. The real estate mogul won every age bracket surveyed, as well as both sexes and voters inside and outside metro Atlanta.
Just as interesting is the race for second place. The poll has Marco Rubio four points ahead of his Senate colleague Ted Cruz for the runner-up position, 22.7 percent to 18.7 percent, showing more cracks in what was billed as Cruz’ southern firewall.
Rubio polled best among Republicans older than 40, coming within three points of Trump in the critical 40-64 age bracket.

Nearly 11 percent of Republicans surveyed on Sunday were undecided in the GOP race, with a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points . The results can be found here.

Crucial poll result from the most important GOP must  win state historically and which Romney narrowly lost

For all the previous "Sanders easily beats all GOP contenders including especially Trump" nonsense a first indicator of a turnaround in that meme

The Hill

Poll: Trump expands lead in Oklahoma

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Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump has widened his lead in Oklahoma, according to a new poll. 
The poll by Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates finds Trump leading the state with 29 percent support, followed by Marco Rubio with 21 percent and Ted Cruz with 20 percent.
Ben Carson places fourth in the poll with 6 percent, followed by John Kasich with 5 percent.
Trump is up 5 points since the last version the poll two weeks ago, while Cruz has dropped 5 points over that same span.
The poll comes a week ahead of the state’s March 1 primary.
Pollster Pat McFerron told NewsOK that the top three candidates are in a statistical tie among reliable GOP primary voters, but Trump wins among voters who have rarely voted in previous Republican primaries.
“Trump performs best among lower income households, those over 45 and those with a history of rarely voting in Republican primaries, though there is a statistical tie among the top three candidates among the most reliable primary voters,” McFerron said.
There are 43 delegates up for grabs in Oklahoma, which will be allocated proportionally.
The poll surveyed 400 likely Republican voters from Feb. 22–23 and has a margin of error of 4.9 percent.
Cruz drops from 45% in Texas to 29% and a one point lead over Trump in new Emerson poll