Monday, February 22, 2016

Post SC Subdued Media Has Reached "Peak Trump" Can They Recover Relevance?

The tenor of the media's post South Carolina GOP primary analysis has been relatively subdued. "Relatively" is of course the operative word when canvassing the MSM's Trump reporting but long term media followers will have noted a less frenzied coverage post South Carolina.

There are still the "It's not over till it's over" and "Our fight continues" John Fund  and the NRO board's articles as they battle on their lonely dogmatic battle. Fund takes his solace in his observation that "Trump is out of luck because many primary states coming up are southern." 

Bad luck for Fund that substantial numbers of observers advise that is exactly the best luck for Trump (he leads in early all upcoming states.

The fact is most of the, surprisingly small number of analytical articles are subdued, positive for Trump in a way not seen before i.e. accepting that he is absolutely the front runner with the best path to the nomination e.g

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Takes Ownership of Republican Party

The Party of Bush Yields, Warily, to a New Face: Donald Trump

It is noticeable that this small and representative selection I believe, comes from the center and left and is devoid for the most part of the previous hate frenzy "Trump is a showman, has no chance, will fade" and etc.

What has happened is the media has shot their bolt and realize that all their hyperbole in the face of what anyone with any degree of independent thinking could see as obvious has damaged them severely. 

Further there is, they understand surely, no calumny no satire no sarcasm no pounced upon supposed "Trump gaffe" that they can present that will do him any harm whatsoever (in fact the more they do that the stronger he grows).

The polling companies in the service of this willfully blind endeavor e.g. WSJ/NBC/Marist  are beyond salvation, and the quicker they are dropped by the media the better for everyone.

 If, as this new round of analysis appears to show, the media returns to the traditional role of factual analysis instead of being outright propaganda they will begin to pick themselves of the floor.

The media started their own descent into irrelevance by their immediate outlandish, snobbish hateful attacks on Trump (and of course Palin from 2008 and without let-up to today) it will be up to them, the incorrigible elitists like David Brooks, Bill Kristol, Dana Milbank to name a few excepted, to move on from gross partisanship and to recover a degree of dignity and trust.


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