Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trump's Astounding Post Debate Poll Day CNN Trump 38% South Carolina/Reuters 41% Nationwide

SC House GOP Poll
Our SC Primary2016 Poll 2/15/16 released 2/16/1
Bush 14.54% (prev 13%)
Carson 6.50% (Prev 6%)
Cruz 15.54% (Prev 14%)
Kasich 7.98% (prev 10%)
Rubio 14.83% (prev 14%)
Trump 33.57% (prev 33%)
ARG post-debate poll in SC:
Trump 33%
Rubio 16%
Cruz 14%
Kasich 14%
Bush 9%

The 'Pundits" said "Trump will drop after the last debate-wrong wrong wrong yet again

CNN South Carolina Poll

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump holds a broad 16-point lead among those likely to vote in South Carolina's Republican primary this Saturday, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders by 18 points in the state's Democratic primary, which will be held a week later.
In the Republican race, Trump, at 38%, tops Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who holds second place with 22%. Behind those two, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio garners 14% support, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is at 10%, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 6% and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is at 4%.
Trump's lead is bolstered by widespread perceptions of him as the candidate best able to handle the economy, immigration and ISIS, and further, that he has the best chance to win in November and would be most likely to change the way things work in Washington.

Nationwide New Reuters Poll

Nationwide New NBC Poll

First Virginia Polls for a long time Trump has leads of 6 and 14 points

Viginia; "Overtime Politics" Feb 12-14 (Post debate)
Donald Trump – 33%
Marco Rubio – 19%
John Kasich – 14%
Ted Cruz – 12%
Jeb Bush – 8%
Ben Carson – 8%
Unknown – 6%

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