Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In these 9 post debate South Carolina polls Trump's averages 34% Cruz 17%

UPDATE:Mitchell Fox 2 Poll Michigan

Trump, hold commanding leads in Mitchell/FOX 2 poll

Trump’s 2:1 margin of the vote is now almost 4:1. Trump (41%) is at the top with his three closest rivals Ohio Governor John Kasich (11%), Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (11%) and Florida U.S; Senator Marco Rubio (10%) bunched in a tie for second in the latest Mitchell/FOX 2 Detroit. The poll was conducted after Monday's debate in South Carolina.

Time Warner South Carolina Poll


And in North Carolina;
PPP's new North Carolina poll finds yet another state where Donald Trump holds a double digit lead
Trump leads with 29% to 19% for Ted Cruz, 16% for Marco Rubio, 11% for John Kasich, 9% for Ben Carson, and 7% for Jeb Bush.
Last North Carolina Poll Feb 4th High Point University  Trump 26%  Cruz 22%  Rubio 20% 



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