Monday, February 15, 2016

First Post South Carolina/Virginia Debate Poll-It's Good News For Trump & In 4 Other SC Polls

Viginia; "Overtime Politics" Feb 12-14 (Post debate)
Donald Trump – 33%
Marco Rubio – 19%
John Kasich – 14%
Ted Cruz – 12%
Jeb Bush – 8%
Ben Carson – 8%
Unknown – 6%
Donald Trump continues to grow his lead in Virginia as he leads Marco Rubio by 14 points – 33-19%.
Trump’s lead has grown since we last polled Virginia back in early January, when he had a 28% share of likely primary voters’ support. John Kasich and Marco Rubio have also seen gains of 13 and 5 points respectively. Cruz is currently down 7 points from the previous poll while Ben Carson has seen his support drop 9 points.
A lot has happened in the last five weeks, but it looks as though John Kasich has received a lot of the support that would have gone to opponents who have dropped out of the race. If things continue this way, Kasich could be a contender for the title of “Trump Alternative” for the Republican Party.
It’s likely that we will see at least one more dropout immediately after Super Tuesday, if not before and that appears to be Ben Carson. A poor showing in South Carolina this weekend would all but end his campaign. It also wouldn’t be surprising if we had at least another dropout on March 2nd (other than Carson), but that second potential dropout is completely up in the air. While it would be hard to see Rubio or Cruz dropping out so early, a number of poor showings on March 1st could put any candidate on ice.
From The State South Carolina

Trump 35%
Rubio 18%
Cruz 18%
Kasich 10%
Bush 7%
Carson 7%