Friday, April 22, 2016

UPDATE:Fox Trump +27 California "Trump's Massive Poll Day; Leads Vital Indiana by 8,Cruz Collapses Nationwide

If this is anywhere near to the final result in California it is all over now for Cruz

And they support the regional analysis

Monster drop for Cruz in Reuters five day tracking poll after the New York primary
04/18 Trump 45.4 Cruz 34.3 Trump +11.1 04/22 Trump 49.3 Cruz 28.2 Trump +21.1

In the winner takes all vital state of Indiana Donald Trump has taken a six point lead in POS Poll 8 points in Fox If his momentum builds and he wins most of the states delegates he would, almost certainly, be on the way to an assured +1237 delegate haul and the nomination. Indiana 30 delegates for winning the state +27 district delegates (3x9) Total 57 delegates available

First Delaware GOP Poll Released: Trump 55, Kasich 18, Lyin’ Ted at 15

The year's very first Delaware poll! 

Trump 55, Kasich 18, Cruz 15 [that's 16 delegates WTA]
Clinton 45, Sanders 38