Friday, April 22, 2016

Nostradamus Predicted Donald Trump Would Become America's President

With Donald Trump so far ahead in the polls and seemingly unstoppable on his way to the Republican nomination it may seem odd to suggest that Sarah Palin, who is not running, will be "the nominee." But Nostradamus has never been known to be wrong, so we have to contemplate what might happen this election year to see his prophesy fulfilled.

Nostradamus's prophecies have puzzled researchers for generations, and what seems obscure or impossible becomes dazzling clear when a prophecy is fulfilled. Such is the case with Donald Trumps ascension to the Republican nomination and then the presidency.

So, was the original interpretation presented below, that Governor Sarah Palin would be the president in 2016 wrong? By no means! 

"Palin who is the one seemingly prophesied, so long ago to "bring the new law" by a far seeing seer."
A new law will emerge in the new world of America,
At a time when Syria, Judeau and Palestine are significant:
The great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay During the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle." 

We can clearly see now that this interpretation (detailed below) did not mean that Palin would be the nominee-what it sets out is that through the rising feminine power as exemplified by Governor Palin her CHOICE of candidate would be the nominee! As Palin herself said "you don't need a title to make a difference." 

Clearly not, but Trump needed Palin's endorsement at the vital moment just before the Iowa caucus, which enabled him to stay ahead of Rubio and in close second to Cruz thus springboarding him to New Hampshire and unstoppable triumph.

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By guest Editor A. Eritas

The Seer Nostradamus, credited with amazing predictive abilities over the centuries apparently looked to our time and seeing a confluence of forces made a prophesy which can only point to the forthcoming election of Sarah Palin as the first female president in 2016. In the light of this any Democrat candidate is helpless in the face of an overarching destiny which no one, certainly no man can overcome. It would appear that the only possible chance of retaining The White House the Democratic Party have would be to nominate Hillary Clinton.

As a fore-note to the prophesy of Nostradamus it is of value to take notice of the commentary of Sri Mataji Nirmali Devi on the forthcoming rise of positive feminine power.

"And I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these Modern Times they are the ones who are going to save the world, not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom, and innate love not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world. It is a very great opportunity for all of you to do your bit. . . . The whole Cosmos, just in complete respectful attendance, is waiting for their arrival."

"Nostradamus also prophesied what will probably become one of the most important third millennium issue for Humankind: The rise and empowerment of women who will heal the world with Love, Compassion, Cooperation and Harmony. The debilitating patriarchal world of aggression, destruction, rape and pillage will have to step aside and let them nurse humanity back to sanity. Women will rise in strength and power for they have been abused for just too long—just like Mother Earth."

If we examine the specific female related prophesy of Nostradamus as set out by Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie in their book "Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women" (Labyrinth Publishing [UK] 1995) we can see they have interpreted Nostradamus prophecies that predict the decline of patriarchy. However, they explain certain prophecies in the light of existing knowledge and this has to be put in proper perspective.
"New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judeau and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire of men decay,
Before the moon completes its cycle."
Century 3:97

Which they interpret as;
"A new law will emerge in the new world of America,
At a time when Syria, Judeau and Palestine are significant:
The great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay
During the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle." This completion is specifically taking place now.

Adi Shakti comments on this analysis "They have correctly interpreted this verse, adding that "Throughout his verses Nostradamus frequently refers to "the new land" to mean America." This is an established interpretation, and in this case the "new law" which will arise there is related, in the last two lines, to two factors—the existence of a "barbarian" male empire, which is in decay, which is in turn is related to the Moon and its cycles—a common metaphorical association with woman. Put simply, the great virgin territories of the New World will be the source of a rising "lunar" consciousness as a time when the Judeo-Christian is at its peak."

The great empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay during the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle Women are destined for far greater glory in this millennium as they are the very source of feminine spiritual power, who will raise all humankind to a new level of consciousness".

Now given the irresistible power of the transforming, coming feminine power for healing and good, Mascetti and Lorie present the key to the specific relation of Palin to Nostradamus "the rising femine power in economic, social judicial, religious and political terms". Shakti cautions that this assumption of the former male role in society will fail 'without self realization, (which) will only make them succumb to the aggressiveness necessary for success".

Given the terrible state of society on all levels, political, economic, moral, spiritual it is beyond questioning that there is the need for a transforming, transcending element capable of healing all these intractable difficulties. Patriarchy, the Dionysian element as described by Camille Paglia, has taken us so far and apparently is incapable of taking the world to the next level. There is only one other force capable of this and that is the feminizing element.

For this to be effective it needs to be in a position of political authority, mere persuasion, no matter how sanctified,  is not enough. Thus America stands in desperate need of a female leader. At this point in time, this crucial point in time, there is only one on the horizon, and that is Sarah Palin.

All the prerequisites, the strong female nature, the high degree of self-realization, the transforming capabilities based on inherent love of mankind, the deep spirituality, are forces strong in Palin who is the one seemingly prophesied, so long ago to "bring the new law"  by a far seeing seer.