Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump Is Correct; The Vice-president Choice Has No Effect On The Election

In yet another of the endless hit jobs on Donald Trump the New York Times advises;

"Run on a Ticket With Donald Trump? No, Thanks, Many Republicans Say"

In contradiction of course they then list "many" Republicans who have indicated they would or might run in tandem with Trump including senior and high profile figures;

"Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, as well as Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, said in interviews that they would consider joining the ticket if Mr. Trump offered. Two governors, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, have also told allies that they were open to being Mr. Trump’s running mate.
“If a potential president says I need you, it would be very hard for a patriotic citizen to say no,” Mr. Gingrich said. “People can criticize a nominee, but ultimately there are very few examples of people turning down the vice presidency.”
Mr. Trump, who could well become the presumptive Republican nominee on Tuesday by winning the Indiana primary, is just starting to mull vice-presidential prospects and has no favorite in mind, he said in the interview. Mr. Trump said he wanted someone with “a strong political background, who was well respected on the Hill, who can help me with legislation, and who could be a great president.”

Trump advised that people don't vote for the vice-president and thus someone who has legislative experience would be a primary consideration to his choice. In that comment he is absolutely correct as history has proven over and over;

There is not a single instance of a vice-presidential candidate whose home state 'pull" gave his presidential ticket companion the presidency except for perhaps, the "stolen election" of 1876. For all the help Lyndon Johnson may have give JFK in the south in 1960, his state of Texas was not required to give Kennedy his electoral college win. Every elected president won whether or not his running mate carried his home state. Put another way no vice-presidential candidate in a winning team gave his leader the presidency.

Indeed it is doubtful that any vice-presidential candidate had any influence on a presidential election. The only possible exceptions may be the aforementioned LBJ and, Sarah Palin who galvanized a moribund base for McCain and put him in the lead which may or may not have give him the election if the financial crash had not happened.

Trump is coming under all sorts of pressure to make his choice based on regional considerations e.g. Kasich to help carry Ohio, Rubio or Scott to help carry Florida and from those who see a woman as vital to counter Hillary and a Hispanic to "mend fences' (New Mexico's Governor Martinez would score well on the last two considerations).

Wiser heads such as Senator Collins are correct as history has proven.