Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's All Good-Trump And Palin Ascendant

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin's endorsed candidate for president, looks well on his way to the magic 1237 delegates required for nomination on the firs ballot in Cleveland .

When he reaches that number prior to the convention all the plans and machinations of the Republican Establishment and their media lapdogs will have come to nought-as will the pseudo aspirations of their puppets Cruz and Kasich.

Governor Palin will have succeeded in a manner not conceived of by her enemies and, should Trump be elected president she will, in effect, have achieved all she set out to do "without a title."

As a Palin supporter for many years I am particularity pleased not only to see her plans, and hopefully policies (and even perhaps a cabinet post) potentially come to fruition whilst at the same time seeing her enemies, who have wasted eight years of their lives in ridiculous conspiracy theories, mad attacks and utter stupidity, exposed as the losers they are.

It's all good !