Monday, April 25, 2016

LANDSLIDE! Trump Above 50% In Pennsylvania/Connecticut/Maryland/Rhode Island

At Drudge a statistical tie Clinton 46% Trump 43%
(GWU Poll)

GOP national poll:

USA Today/Suffolk:
Trump: 45.21%
Cruz: 29.11%
Kasich: 16.78%
Other: 1.03
Und: 7.88

The decline for Cruz and Kasich is clear across the "Poll of Polls" aggregate at RCP

In the past 9 GOP national polls since April 14, Trump has NOT fallen below 44%.

Not just a lead across these three sates-an outright slaughter. The message to the GOP establishment is straightforward and any attempt to steal the nomination in Cleveland will be a disaster.

For Pennsylvania's 54 unbound delegates to vote for Kasich or Cruz would be a travesty and clear breach with the people's message and wish.

53% in Maryland up 29 points

In Connecticut a massive lead

In Rhode Island-approaching the 2/3 mark where the bulk of proportionally allocated delegates woudl go to Trump

The "Trump can't get to 50% "meme will die Tuesday