Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clinton Massive Collapse In Tracking Polls Fall 9 In Rasmussen To Trail Trump By 2

Hillary Clinton has gone from being +7 in the Rasmussen poll on 10/10 to trail Trump by 2 on 10/13 a massive drop of 9 points.

Clinton went from being 1 point ahead of Trump after the "Trump Tapes" "scandal to leap to a seven point lead but after Trump's performance in the second debate Clinton started drifting down
to +5 +4 and now minus 2.

 It may well be that the Wikileaks which have not provided a massive smoking gun with Clinton but have reinforced the dirty tricks and untrustworthiness of her and her team with a steady drip of facts which have not been effectively countered as Wikileaks is respected for its veracity

Although many pundits including surprisingly Scott Adams beleived that the tapes were the end of Trump a surprising phenomenon is happening, at least for now in the female support for Clinton which has been her strength.

In the USC/LA Times tracking poll demographics Clinton has actually declined sharply since the tapes were released. It may be that women have a better sense of an unfair attack and have responded negatively to the perceived Clinton campaign hit job

That's a decline of 4.6 points for Clinton from the day that the Trump tapes were released. In the poll itself Trump has, slightly but again against forecasts, regained the lead

What the pundits did not advise was that USC is a 7 day poll so it tales a week for any major event to work its way out of their numbers which is exactly what has happened

In PPD Clinton went from being a half point behind on 10/7 to 3.1 ahead on 10/11 and now she has collapsed to only 0.8 ahead. Anyone who believed the ridiculous "Clinton+11"NBC poll was either naive, foolish or cynical

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