Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exactly As Predicted;Third party Collapse;Aggregate MSM Polls Converging; Clinton Falls To +2

The aggregate of the three latest polls in the RCP aggregation is Clinton +2 if as is sensible the idiotic ABC "poll" which had Clinton +12 a day agois removed.

Even if taken back to 1023 and non-trackers are included Clinton's lead has fallen to only +3.2 points. Gary Johnson peaked at 9.2 late September and has steadily declined and will continue to do so, where his remaining 3-4% available support goes to will be crucial in the key states. IMO opinion the majority will go to Trump.

An indication of how momentum is going is the latest USC/LATimes poll which saw Trump jump by +1.5 in two days and Bloomberg putting Florida, the most important state into Trump's camp. Clearly Trump's incredible hard work in the state is bearing fruit as Clinton rests on her media supported laurels. 

Don't need to be a weatherman

Watch the media narrative change to "it's a horse race' or other such nonsense if the trend to Trump continues.