Monday, October 3, 2016

Five Days Post Debate MSM Says Trump Lost & His "Worst Week" He's Up In Polls More Than Before Debate

The three honest tracking polls tell a remarkable story. After 5 days post the debate which according to the MSM/leftist blogosphere Hillary won easily and the MSM's almost frantic post debate Trump attacks on his "worst week" Trump is polling better than before the debate.

As of October 2nd all three trackers are in accord that Trump is leading Clinton. In the all important aggregate Trump is at +2.4 compared to the +2.1 he was on the day of the debate.

PPD has a three day rolling average so they are well past the debate and USC/LATimes and UPI/C have a seven day rolling average so there are only two more reporting days for them to also be past the debate. However the trend to Trump in all three is now clear.

The disparity between the tracking polls and the one off polls continues with the RCP aggregate head to head of Clinton +2.5 and four candidate, Clinton+2.8. Time will tell which model is correct.

NB The RCP four candidate aggregate includes the Rasmussen track Clinton +3. If that were included in the aggregate of the above three trackers Trump would still lead by 0.7 and the premise of his actually having risen since the debate would still be valid.

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