Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gov. Palin Shows NYTimes Advising Clinton "We Can Veto Any Part Of Your Interview You Don't Like"

Via Governor Palin and IJR

let's make a deal! I'll swap ya - my special moose chili recipe for
your nifty-shifty trick that lets you edit media coverage of yourself.
- Sarah Palin

Clinton Made A 'Joke' About Palin - Then Her Campaign Made Sure The Reporter Didn't Print It

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The latest Wikileaks dump of emails from within Hillary Clinton's campaign has sparked several disturbing revelations and insights into the way the Clinton campaign operates, but one of the more bizarre ones involves a joke apparently Hillary Clinton made about Sarah Palin.
According to one leaked email, Clinton made a joke - if you can even call it that - about Sarah Palin during an interview with New York Times Magazine last summer while talking about spending a summer in Alaska:
“I've eaten moose, too. I've had moose stew,” Clinton told the magazine, according to a transcript made public from the hacked email account of Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta.
“In Alaska, moose stew. So that's why I always got a big kick out of Sarah Palin with all of her, ‘We're cooking up some moose stew here,’” she added, with a laugh.
It wasn't that funny, nor particularly offensive. Palin did mention during the 2008 campaign that moose stews and moose burgers were among her favorite foods, and - as the NYT commented back then - it's a staple in Alaska.
However, after the interview was over, Clinton's campaign spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri flagged the Palin reference, requesting the NYT reporter delete it altogether:
“Fine to use the moose, but appreciate leaving the mention of Sarah Palin out.”
It's not entirely clear why her campaign wanted to scrub the mention of Palin from the published version. What's more alarming, though, is that the reporter (Mark Leibovich) agreed to their request, despite the interview being on-the-record. Leibovich told the campaign that they could “veto” whatever part of the interview they didn't like.
Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.02.41 PM
“Pleasure doing business!” Palmieri ended the email after pointing out a couple other edits.
Is anyone surprised that the New York Times treated Hillary Clinton like a customer rather than a presidential candidate?

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