Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Polls After "TrumpTape" Show Tiny Aggregate 0.5 Gain For Hillary Trump -1.4 Decline

The first polls which include all or part of the polling post the "Trump Tape" media sensation shows Hillary, who is disliked to the degree that seemingly nothing can shift her polls to the "50 point lead" she is complaining she is missing,gaining a tiny 0.5 points in the aggregate.

Trump has declined as would be expected given the massive media hate onslaught but by only 1.5 points in the aggregate. 

Given it appears that voters have not shifted en-mass to Hillary it might well be concluded that the drop is Indies or Republicans moving away from Trump to that degree. 

The good news of course, if any can be found in the onslaught, is that those are exactly the same people who could easily return to Trump.

They might indeed be the "Shy Trump" voters who overcame their shyness when trump ascended and have gone shy again for ( mostly unfounded) fear of ostracism which of course does not imply they won't vote for him in the privacy of the voting booth.

Here are the stat's

PPD POLLING  Hillary +1.26  Decline from previous day Trump -1.7  Increase Hillary + 0.4

YOUGOV/ECONOMIST  Hillary + Neither candidate rose or decline from +48% the previous day

UDC/LATIMES   Trump +2.2    Declined from previous day Trump 0.6  Increase Hillary +0.3

AGGREGATE of three polls Trump decline 1.4  Hillary rise + 0.5

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