Wednesday, October 19, 2016

History Lesson For Hillary; Three Candidates, All Dem's Refused To Concede Election because of Fraud /Ambition/Dispute

As Governor Palin advised after the third debate;
Trump will only accept a "legitimate" election and anything else would betray those who "died" for freedom"

This is of course perfectly legitimate and has precedent;

  1. Three presidential candidates have refused to accept the result; Democrats Aaron Burr Samuel Tilden and Al Gore.
  2. In the presidential election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson was tied with his own running mate Aaron Burr who then refused to allow Jefferson to be elected and the decision had to be decided in the house of Representatives after 36 ballots.

  3. In the presidential election of 1876 Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden did not accept the result for 3 months and rightly so as there was outright fraud,

In 2000 Democratic candidate Al Gore conceded on election night and then unconceded the same night and fought the result right up to the Supreme Court

Remember the House Resolution from about 30 House Democrats, mostly Blacks calling for Withholding Ohio's EVs in 2004

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