Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In The States/Electoral College Where It Counts Trump Is Doing Better Than Romney

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the darlings of the Establishment, "The Electables" were clobbered in the Electoral College ( and the popular vote) by President Obama 332 to 206

For all the opprobrium heaped on Donald Trump, not least by the same Republican Establishment that lauded Romney/Ryan and all the rubbish from the MSM/Dem's that Trump is running a terrible campaign he is actually doing better than Romney in the Real Clear Politics Electoral College map. 

This map awards states to the candidate that has a lead in the AGGREGATE of state polling.

Trump currently has 216 Electoral College Votes compared to Romney's 206. Further he has picked up two more states than Romney, Ohio and Iowa and also Maine's Congressional District 2 with its 1 vote. 

Trump is just 2.5 points behind Clinton in North Carolina and within or just outside the margin of error in Florida/Nevada/New Hampshire. Just a moderate shift to Trump in the closing days of the campaign could see him carry those states and the presidency.

NB; New polls show slight aggregate lead in Arizona for Clinton and McMullin leading in one poll in Utah but more polls needed to confirm those states status.

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