Thursday, July 30, 2015

Politico's Roger Simon Leads Dying Media's Trump Circular Firing Squad

I've written about the initial scoffing arrogance of the media to the Trump candidacy on a number of occasions. The first was a partial list of some whose cloudy crystal ball advised that Trump "would never run, it's just a publicity stunt" or variations of the theme.

Then an analysis of the various steps from disdain, to grudging acceptance (the facts of Trumps polling couldn't be dismissed) that Trump was A. running B. did file C.did release his income statistics which bore out his previous statements on his wealth. D. Was serious as his campaign has cost him major business losses.

What has happened now in the face of reality is that two new phases have commenced in the media. The first is an attempt to understand why Trump is doing so well, and the second is those who didn't join the rush to condemn Trump straight away, are now attacking their colleagues who did, in a show of superiority it seems.

A common thread runs through nearly all the "how has this happened" articles. This is that Trump is variously "a buffoon, a fool a showman of the lowest order" and etc. However, the great unwashed, who are really very dim it seems, find a resonance with Trump's "platitudes and idiotic populism mixed with racism."

 And, "yes Trump is leading in the polls but it won't last, or if it does, it won't last long  and will surely, at some unspecified time will collapse"The New York Times Nate Cohn has a classic weather vane piece which gives every possible time frame collapse permutation.

Politico's Roger Simon commences the circular firing squad by lampooning as many if his fellow scribblers as he can fit into one article. He quotes from posts attacking Trump at The Wall Street Journal, Des Moines Register, Charles Krauthammer from Fox and The Huffington Post with relish. You can read his cackling tripe at the link below if you have the stomach for pomposity and arrogance.

After excoriating the media  for their getting it wrong on Trump he concludes; "I think Trump is flawed on many counts. But I don’t think he has “coarsened our political dialogue and cheapened the electoral process.” I think it was coarse and cheap by the time Trump got here"

An utterly classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Simon's own column is a coarse and cheap laugh fest at his "profession." Here's an earlier quote about Sarah Palin from Simon which shows what he considers as measured, balanced, and not coarse, disdainful, dismissive and cheap political writing

"The GOP angel of death." "In any case, she has now gone from a hopeless candidate to a laughably hopeless candidate. The media will never take her seriously again. The Grim Reaper has done its job."

What all these Beltway, elitist, Establishment,"progressive" writers in the end of the line old time media can't grasp is that a significant part of Trump's rise is due to them. 

The public, especially the flyover country "bitter clingers" whom the media so look down on, are utterly fed up with the distorted arrogant tripe being rammed down their throats by an obviously biased media. Thus they see in Trump someone who can fight back for them.

Trump can't be bought, owned, bought off and doesn't give a damn about a media who have been rendered impotent by his campaign. Simon and ilk in their arrogance and ridiculous attacks on Trump (years ago divorce "rape" scandal/"breast pump "scandal"/"connection to murderers scandal") are hastening their own end. 

If Trump does nothing else but to push that devoutly to be wished consummation he will most certainly be the "hero" that Palin described him as.