Monday, July 27, 2015

Transcript And Video;Fox "Political Insiders" say the GOP Nominee isn't in the Race Yet


Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

Partial transcript of Fox News 'Political Insiders' 7/26/15
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John LeBoutillier:  In January with the three of us here the issue came up "who would be the Establishment choice for the GOP"? There were three candidates we talked abut Bush, Romney and Christie. And I said, I remember, on the air I said to Doug  "by September we're going to be talking about different people, these guys ain't making it." 

Two of them, I mean Romney didn't run, Christie's going nowhere, probably won't, and Bush is static, he's not going up or down and Trump is dominating. What I think is happening here is I don't think the next president is in the race yet. I think this thing is all convulsed and going crazy, Trump is driving stuff and in the end it won't be any of the sixteen, and in the end it won't be Trump or any of the sixteen, and it will be someone we're not yet talking about"

Pat Caddell: "Could be"
John LeBoutillier:  "Could be"

Julie Banderas;"That's interesting, any ideas"?

John LeBoutillier: "Not yet"

Julie Banderas: Ok you're going to keep that to yourself"

Doug Schoen;"Here's the thing , Mitt Romney wants to comeback Julie, he's trying to play the role of the kingmaker who's there to pick up the pieces, but I think that what John is speaking to is a larger truth. 
There is so much anger in this electorate that what Pat has been talking about, the "Mr.Smith" candidacy, an independent has great appeal. The only thing the Democrats and Republicans agree on though, is the need to keep any voices that are not part of the system-out. When they break through like Trump has, you can see their appeal."

 Pat Caddell: "You can see the press going crazy. First they said "he shouldn't; be running because he's not serious, he won't, then they... Now they don't know what to do with him except to give him more and more coverage. 

But what is, as Doug said,  and what I believe very strongly, and something that John said, in a country, let me just explain, when a country where 75% of the American people believe its in decline, where 60% believe their children will not have, be given what they were given better than their parents, and when 85% of the people think basically the system is rigged you tell me which of these Republican candidates is even coming close to operating under that narrative? 

When someone does your going to see something even more powerful than Trump" 

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