Thursday, July 2, 2015

3rd Poll In Row Shows Trump In 2nd Place;Macy's/Univision Confirmation of Serious Candidacy

I wrote the article after the asterisks a few days ago. The main points were that the naysayers, smart-alecs and haters in the leftist media wrote Donald Trump off as a publicity seeker who would never run. He did. Then they said he would not register with the Electoral Commission. He did.

Then they said he would not have any impact in the polls.He did.

He leapt into second place just a few points behind Jeb Bush in New Hampshire and they then said it was just a regional poll and he would have no national appeal. He did. The first subsequent nationwide poll put him in second place just behind Bush.

I discussed that Trump losing his Univison contract, a potentially great financial cost, on top of his walking away from his NBC 'The Apprentice' show to run proved his commitment. Subsequent to that the media reports that Macy's department store group will not carry his products which he must have considered a possibility before he ran and is yet another indication he takes the campaign seriously.

Now a third, reputable, nationwide poll has appeared which shows, once again that Trump is in second place.

The leftist media has had to face the reality of Trump's rise and commitment and are trying out a number of memes. They, grudgingly, admit Trump's poll placings, it's too apparent to be denied, but advise "Trump's rise hurting the Republican's." 

How they determine this is a mystery, something about his forthright statements, which other candidates are too cowardly to address, will put off the voters. What evidence they have to show for this assumption is well hidden.

That they can laud Socialist Bernie Sanders "populist message" and huge crowd attendance and not give a moments consideration to how that may "be an embarrassment to the Democrat's" is, on the other hand, hardly a mystery, just a symptom of the endless media bias.

Trump, no matter  how the campaign ends for him is, doing the Republican's a massive favor by drawing a huge distinction between the Democrat's record of failure and the positive prescriptions available to the Republicans. He is also doing the Republicans a favor by showing clearly which of the other candidates has the stuff to stand up to Hillary, the Dem machine and the media-so far it is only him.

Whether he's agreed with or not presidential candidate Donald Trump has, once again, proven the elitist naysayers wrong-actually wrong over and over again in a matter of days.

When he indicated he might run there was a chorus of derision from the Beltway pundits (here's a partial list) who said it was just a publicity stunt to promote his reality shows and he would never run. 

Then when he made the announcement that he was running they poured utter scorn on his announcement speech "rambling and incoherent." The they said, "he won't follow through and register with the Electoral Commission" which of course he did straight away.

Then they said he would never attract any support, straight after which he leapt into second place in the New Hampshire polls above all the other candidates except Bush who he is only a few points behind. "that's New Hampshire" they sneered-Pat Robertson did the same thing with his populist message which appeals to the Granite States populist leaning voters-but he won't get any traction nationwide"

Then, right on schedule, the next nationwide poll came out which showed Trump, once again, in second place. 

Next up the Beltway, having exhausted all the previous nay-saying, have resorted to the crystal ball; So now the chorus is singing in unison "he will damage the Republican brand because he is getting so much support and will have to be included in the debates."

And "he may have had a short term lift in the polls but in the medium term he will fail to get any traction." Well we shall see, all we can say with certainty is that the pundits have been dead wrong about him so far as they view him from their Olympian heights with the action of their nostrils skywards.

What has been enjoyable through all this is to see the Beltway pundit class show their true elitist colors, basically it's another version of their flyover country attacks circa 2008, but in Trump they have someone who fights back hard, who can't be bought by them, and owes them nothing.

Again, one may or may not agree with Trump, bearing in mind you have to sort through the media's grossly biased reporting to understand what Trump actually said and meant, before it is fair to decide ones views about his comments/positions.  But one thing is certain, rather than using his run as publicity tool Trump has taken one for the team in an amazing display of dedication to his political cause.

Trump's statements on Mexican immigration have cost him potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue. Both Univision, which is his beauty contest platform, and NBC, have announced they will no longer partner with him. He also left his big earning NBC show "The Apprentice" to make his presidential run.

This shows that Trump means political business no matter what the cost, is unafraid to take a political position no matter the media attacks that ensue, that he is beholden to no fundraisers whether overt or covert, and that he has put the lie to the pundits once again.