Sunday, July 26, 2015

Update 3:Media Arrogance Continues Unabated; Jonathan Tobin's Pomposity;"They're Fired!" Trump Is Perfect Storm For The Media

It's getting hard to keep up with the cascade of utter condescension and hate from a media which has been stripped of all it's supposed relevance by the Donald Trump juggernaut. You would think that they would get it by now, the more their lampooning, ridicule and snobby cattiness they put out in barrels of ink, the more Trump is appreciated by the Republican voters.

I've cataloged some of the more vile, awful and idiotic history of this unprecedented campaign of vilification in a number of posts. The early ones are particularly striking as they detail the predictions that Trump would not run/register/get any support which makes the writers look like utter fools.

Poor Nate Cohn for instance, at the 'New York Times' continues with his sorry record;"Donald Trump’s surge in the polls has followed the classic pattern of a media-driven surge. Now it will most likely follow the classic pattern of a party-backed decline"

The next series shows the utter viciousness of such supposed luminaries at Dana Milbank Josh Marhsall and Stephen F. Hayes.

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The meme has changed, as it had to, now that Trump is in first place "but not for long" and whilst he's there he is helping Hillary by taking the focus off her." The purveyor of this condescending balderdash is one Jonathan Tobin writing at 'Commentary' "Trump helps' faltering Hillary". Tobin manages to cram the previous memes with a massive dose of elitist condescension-here's an example: 

"Sooner or later, Trump is going to start being scrutinized the way presidential candidates are examined and his record of support for liberals and liberal causes will start to take the air out of his balloon. Trump’s negatives are too high to allow him to be a legitimate threat for the nomination let alone the general election. 

Republicans should also be confident that his buffoonish persona is also bound to trip him up enough times to ultimately undermine any notion that he ride the support of a populist surge and anger about illegal immigration to the nomination.

But the help all of this is giving to Hillary is priceless. Trumpmania has enabled her to fly beneath the radar even when she weighs in on hot button issues. "He's also the least thoughtful and most vulgar"

Trump to be "scrutinized"? Every single word he says is viewed through an electron microscope by the media left /right and (if there is such a thing) center. His negatives are too high? that's an old meme trotted out when his approval rating was 30%. It's around 50% now-obviously, as how could he be the leading candidate if his"negatives" were still too low?

"Buffoonish person/least thoughtful/most vulgar" There's that media elite scowling down on someone who they can't fit/bribe/cajole or push into the Beltway milieu. There's been nothing like this since the media on Palin circa September 2008 and it's for exactly the same, unforgivable reason "I'm not going to Washington to seek the favor of the media."

But the worst of Tobin's pompous screed, which gives the game away, (actually it's been made so obvious that it was given away weeks ago) is the nose in the air attitude to the flyover folks. "Trump is going to start being scrutinized the way presidential candidates are examined and his record of support for liberals and liberal causes will start to take the air out of his balloon." 

As far as Trump's campaigning taking the "heat" off Hillary she's seen a massive decline in the polls, the concomitant rise of  Sanders and her negatives heading south at a rate of knots. It is both idiotic and elitist to think that the public can't keep their minds on both Trump and Clinton no matter what Trump does.

Does Tobin, and the others of his ilk really believe (I guess they do) that the base is so stupid that they are not aware of Trump's previous history and that when it is revealed to them on the road to Damascus the scales will drop and they will say "gosh we didn't know Trump contributed to the Clinton's and that had liberal views in the past." At that point the base will thank the vigilant media and move on to the Establishment's choice of Jeb Bush after much forelock tugging.

We know Trump's persona, his history. We know his current message and we like what we see and hear and the more he sticks it to the likes of Tobin/Marshall and the whole grisly media elite the better we like it and the better he will do. 

More power to Trump's arm, if he does nothing more than show the media in all its naked aggressive elitist hate then he will have served a grand purpose.